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You got that right, just ask the boys in Statesville
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Night all...more corn...'er quein' tomorrow!
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For your chilli do you pull the chuckie then mix it in with the chilli or chop it into cubes then mix? It sure looks yummy.

That looks like a really good home made game the kids would really love to play. Do you make target rings of different values around the holes or have multiple holes of different sizes and marked with different values?

We play beer pong up here. Your game could be adapted with multiple holes. Some holes could say "chug-a- lug" or "Miss a turn" or "Do a Tequila shooter" etc. You could get really wired as the game wore on and the aims got wilder.

PS. Are your helpers all trained to retrieve the bags?

Points for an excellent post!
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One of the chuckies sort of pulled, the other one I had to chop. However after about 8 hours of simmering in the chili, the chuck was broken down nicely like it was all pulled.

Here are the official rules:
You could certainly do that! Never thought of that...

The Dalmatian will, but the coon hound will just eat the bag!
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I used a jigsaw when I made mine. According to the American Cornhole Association (ACA) bag size should be 6X6. biggrin.gif

BTW.. it's lunch time here and your food looks great!!
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I did say 4x4 not 6x6...doh! Good catch!

The chili was great but the after effects...not so much!
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If you have a router you can make a jig and use a spiral upcut bit. Jasper makes a great jig if you don't want to make one
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