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Just salt

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Was watching cooking shows on PBS yesterday and there was a segment on Dreamland Barbecue in Tuscaloosa, AL. Never ate there, but know it has a good reputation.

For years Dreamland served nothing but ribs. Now they have ribs and banana pudding. They're been in business about 60 years, so they must know ribs.

What I found interesting was that the pitmaster said that before they put the ribs in the smoker, they put nothing on them except a sprinkle of salt.

I've heard of people who used only salt, pepper and garlic powder, but never just salt.

Anyone ever tried that?

Is should say that they do use a generous amount of sauce on the ribs when they serve them. They have a store not too far from me in Atlanta, and I might try it except that by all accounts it isn't nearly as good as the original Tuscaloosa location.
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I've never tried that, but I've heard of it. That usually works if you like your ribs all sauced up, but I like them 'dry' with just the rub on it. If they've been open that long though, they know what they're doin'!
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