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Adding the Rub on Ribs night Prior?

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Just looking for thoughts on adding the Rub on Ribs 24hrs prior? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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I do it all the time with Beef or Pork. Chicken usually the day of the smoke.
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I try to rub the ribs the night before because that way it's done and over with. I'm usually too busy the day of the smoke to want to worry about one more thing to do. As long as there is not a lot of salt in the rub, 24 hours should be fine.
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I always do it just priot to the smoke while the rig is warming up. I pretty much am committed once I start the smoker, and I just stay busy prepping/adding sides, tending the smoker, and posting it all here once the meat goes in. I make a fun day out my smokes this way.

That's just me...But I do get some pretty serious smoke penetration on my ribs, too. So, there may be that added benefit in waiting until the day of the smoke. I don't know that to be fact, but the good smoke ring seems to always happen for me with pork ribs.

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I wonder if 24 hrs in advance may be too much of a good thing (??) I've never noticed a differance between the night before, or 30 minutes before though.
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I have and still do the night before and the day of just depends on how the time works out personally I can't tell much difference with ribs
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I always rub mine the night before always have and I guess always will. I have never compared the night before or the day of but it can always be done. Heck give it a try and let us know how it turns out.
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I have about a cup and half of salt in my rub will that suck the moisture out of rack or should I be fine with the night prior?
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I find that pre-rubbing the ribs does help....even if you only do it a couple hours ahead of time.

I've heard others caution against pre-rubbing and marinating the ribs if your rub contains a lot of salt. Pretty sound advice, but the rub I use doesn't have a lot of salt and seems to work pretty good for me.

At the end of the day, you have to fine tune your own recipe and method to suit your liking (tinkering and fine-tuning is half the fun).
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Depends on what proportion of salt there is to the rest of the ingredients in the rub recipe. If the main thing you taste is salt, then I would wait. If it's not, then go ahead and put the rub on the ribs the night before. I've yet to come across a rub recipe that was salty, though.
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As some others have said, I have done both the night before & the day of & cannot tell any difference. I do not use any salt in my rubs. I get enough salt flavor as the mustard slather cooks away.
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