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Stuffed Flank Steak With Q-View

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So in the constant quest to try new things I decided to try my hand at a smoked stuffed Flank steak. Started out with players.

Roasted the red peppers and grilled some onion.

Made a mix of garlic, steamed spinich, bread crumbs,olive oil and parmesan reggiano..

I then made some cuts and pounded the flank steak into submission.

Put a layer of prosciutto, then roasted red pepper

Covered this with the spinich mixture, chopped grilled onoin and minced jalapeno, rolled it up and did my best job of tieing it off.

I then put it into the Smoke Vault at 325 for 1 hour wiith a mix of apple and cherry and this is what I ened up wtih

And the finished product......

The flavor was very good and the meat was very moist. I will definitly try this again. Thanks for checking out my smoke.

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Nice job. Now that looks darn good. points.gif
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Nice! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif That looks delicious.
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That does look good, nice job.
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Wow-that looks delicious. Good job and thanks for adding to my impossibly long "things to try" list :-)
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Thanks, that's a good idea and looks delicious.points.gif
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very nice looking smoke there reel. Great idea with the filling.
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Reek, that looks wicked good!!!!!!!!!!! You got it goin' on with this one!

Keep 'em comin', cause the thin blue is good to you!

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Very nice!
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Wow, very original. I love anything that has prosciuto in it!!
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Reeks, that looks fantastic! Great job on the post!
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I've made a very similar stuffed flank steak, but done as a braise, but wondered how it would turn out smoked.   Since I am new to smoking stuff, I did a search here and found your post.  What an amazing job you did!  I'm going to try it tomorrow, and if it turns out as I expect, will do four of them on Sunday.  Thanks for taking the time to share.

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heck of a job, good post. nice smoke:drool:


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That just looks delicious! Nice new interesting thing to do with flank. I love it.

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