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Brisket vs Smoke Vault- who will be victorious? Q-view

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This will be my second brisket. I'm sure this will be better than the first, now that I have some great info from members here to get it done right.

I started with an 11lb packer and put a boning knife to work on trimming.

It lost about 4lbs on this slash diet:

Rubbed with fine ground black pepper, powdered kosher salt, powdered dried onion, garlic powder, paprika, and chili powder:

It's in the temporarily modded Smoke Vault @ 210-220* with hickory, while I run more temp checks today.

Back with more later.


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Off to a good start, Eric. Looking forward to seeing it progress to the end. smile.gif
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I am now officially getting hungry. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Thanks Dawn! So far it's going great! I think I'm getting closer to finding out what my Smoke Vault needs, too. Temps look much better today.

I took a couple pics and stuck probes into the flat and the point in the heaviest portion and we're @ 142* on both @ 2:55 into the smoke. I put the point beneath the flat, thinking that the rack temps would match the size better that way...good guess because they're an even match right now. It's going pretty fast compared to my first brisky...that was nearly a 12 hour smoke if I remember correctly.

I did bump the temps back just a little...had a couple times where it climbed to about 224-226 for a few short periods. I want these to plateau and hold there for awhile to get it tender, then foil and brase to 200*+...that should work out well for dinner tonight as well. I wasn't thinking about how quickly these would smoke up when I started them...it's still 7 hours 'til din-din. Though, some of my smokes lately did run later than intended, so this will probably be just about right on timing.

If this goes like I think it will, I'll have to do the point/flat separation on the next one, too. For my first time doing a good trim and seperation, it went pretty easily...I was surprised how I was able to get the two pieces apart in such a short amount of time. Once the bulk fat and the knarly tissue on the edge is removed, it reveals itself quite nicely! Then, the seperation of the two is a snap.

I'm a happy smoker! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Back with more progress later.

Thanks again!

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Looking good, Eric. I think you'll enjoy the Smoke Vault. Keep on cooking!
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Take it easy, now...let me at least get it out of the foil before you go into withdrawal! Do we have PM smoke deliveries here yet? biggrin.gif LOL!!!!!!!!


Thanks, it going as good as it looks.

Oh yeah! She's a beaut, and sweet to cook with! She's my main rig now, no doubt about that. I hope my GOSM and SNP don't get too jealous! I'll have to do a burn on them now and then, just so they don't get too lonely!

Edit: I'm now into the stall @ 154* on both pieces...man this gonna be a sweet smoke!

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Nice piece of meat!!! Good luck with the stall..hehe...that is always the time I panic no matter how many big pieces of meat I smoke :-)

Look forward to the end result!!!
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I started an inside round roast about 1 hour behind you cause you made me hungry with your initial qview. Man this is getting to be a long wait. I am about out of drool. icon_confused.gif Its at only about 140f , I'd eat it as a rare roast except her lovliness doesn't get off work till 5:30pm , its only 3pm here on the west coast.

One of the unseen problems with SMF is that the East coasters get started way sooner than us left coasters do. Thus the awesome qview with the mouth watering dishes start showing up long before ours is done. But about that time ours is starting to give off some wonderful aromas thus driving us nuts with hunger.
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Update @ 6-1/4 hours

Thanks, BoneDaddy!

LOL!!!! Stalls don't ever worry me...it just means that you're nearing the finish line PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif.

OK, now this is a weird update...@ 6-1/4 hours the brisky must of decided to start puttin' up a fight...while in the stall (no joke here) my I/T's dropped from 158* to 156* for about 10 minutes or so. They did come back @ 6-1/2 hours, and are now @ 164/166 @

And the beef:

I decided to fill 'er up a bit more with some smokey beans!
Here's the start:

I'm just finishing the onion saute in the bacon fat right now.

All is well!


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Nice! Good work, can't wait to see how it turns out.
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Thanks, Mark!
I just got this into the smoke, so here's some more for ya!

Thanks all!

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Hello Eric,

I'm doing yard work today and came in for lunch.....your smoke is making me hungry. I'll check again later for the final pictures. Would you be able to post a picture of your outdoor fireplace chimney modification/addition that you used to increase the draft on the smoker?

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Thanks, OPD. Sure thing. I'll add it to the Smoke Vault Review thread.

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Thanks for all the info, I'm going to do the same with my next brisket. Everything is looking super.
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Foiled for brasing

I pulled the Point @ 175* and the Flat @ 170*, as they were close enough together on temps.



The Pair, lookin' so happy:

Panned up:

And, with 7/8 cup of Pineapple Juice from the beans:

It all fits, even in a full size steam table pan:

And, my temporary probe storage until I decide to stab into the meat and check the beans. I put them here so I wouldn't have to fish leads/probes back out to close the door on the smoker (with the vent stack on top):

Finished pics to follow, as soon as I can.

Thanks Everyone!

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ROFLMAO!!!!!! Sorry. Man, I had no idea I might be putting anyone through soo much torture!!!! LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks, Rick! It's my pleasure to share a good burn with the members and guests here. It helps me to keep things up to date on my threads as often as possible. That way I'm less likely to miss posting something. Anytime I can be of help to someone looking for tips or ideas makes it all worthwhileicon_smile.gif. If I make a boo-boo, I'll share it...if it goes good, I'll share that as well.

I'm still in the smoker with foil, so it'll be a bit before they come out to play with the knife and fork. I'll post final pics ASAP.

Take care, and great smokes!

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Brisket is out for resting

This is just too easy! I debated for a few minutes, and decided to open the steam pan foil and stab probes in through the top.

Here's what I found on the first hit in the heaviest portions of meat:

So, the probes went into the pans of beans:

And, here's where they are:

They should be heated through to 170* by the time the brisket is rested and ready. The Beans are on the top (hottest) rack at 285-295* chamber temp.

So, I had this ready for wrapping the big steam table pan of Brisket in, as none of my coolers are wide enough to handle it, not even a Thermos 102 quart icon_redface.gif:

This should keep them nice and cozy for a resting period while the beans finish smoking:

I was still getting some really nice hickory smoke odor out of the Vault about a 1/2 hour ago, so the beans should be awesome, too. I've only added chunk hickory once since I started, and that was about 5 hours ago.

The finale is near!!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Thanks to Everyone, for your interest, sharing your thoughts, and your ideas on smoking briskets!

I can tell already that this is gonna be a great meal! And, it's coming together without any snags that can't be overcome...gotta love that! Heck, gotta love that Smoke Vault, too! She's coming through for me today with shining colors.

Thanks again!

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Finally!!! And well worth waiting for!!!

The beans were up over target temp way quicker than I expected. By the time I got done on the forum with my last post on another thread, here's what I found:

And, now, what we've all been waiting for!

The point, sliced as planned:

The flat, pulled as planned:

All tossed up wity the pan liquids:


Well, everyone needs something to believe in. I believe that I've just discovered my all-time favorite and ultimate smoke!!!!!!!!

By the way, in case you're wondering...the Smoke Vault is victorious by unanamous decision!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again, Everyone!

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Congrtulations on a Great Smoke PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif and it looks like you've got your Smoke Vault dialed in. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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