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Roast Beast Question

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All the recent threads about eye of round for roast beast lunch meat has got me pretty revved up to give it a go for myself. I picked up an eye of round roast today weighing in at just over 4 lbs. I want to keep as much of this as rare as possible, so my question is this: Should I cut the roast into two pieces so that they will finish more quickly or should I leave it whole? I'm just thinking that I might dry out the ends of the roast a bit more if I cook it whole. I could be totally off on this thought though so any support will be greatly appreciated.

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I would cook it whole, by cutting it you will actually lose some juice. If you keep it low & slow it will plenty rare enough. Don't go over 135° internal and you will be fine.
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Will do

Sounds like a plan. I figured on pulling the roast at 130 to keep it nice and red and then letting it rest for a few, then I'll cool it down over night before slicing.

Can't wait!

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That is an excellent plan. And don't forget the pics.biggrin.gif
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My guess would be if you cut it in half, you'll have 4 (potentially) dried out ends instead of 2.

I'd go whole.
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Hey Meandmy, I cut my first roast but it was 24 lbs.
Stick with pulling it at 130 then resting it.
Here is my post and what it would look like if pulled and wrapped at 140.
In between rare and med. rare. But still juicy and delicious.
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