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First attempt at a fattie, some Q-view

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I got a late start. To save time I decided to just cut it open and stuff it instead of rolling it flat. Broiled the bacon for about 5 min just to render off some fat. Stuffed it with mozzarella cheese, olives & salsa. Smoked with mesquite @ 250* for 2 hours.

First time using mesquite, can someone tell me if my smoke looks too thick. It had a very pungent smoke flavor not sure if it was the wood or too much smoke.

Next time I will roll it flat and have the filling throughout the whole fattie. It was good but not enough filling and a strong smoke flavor.
Thanks for lookin!
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Reminds me of the fact that it's almost lunch time!
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Mesquite is a very strong flavored wood........Probably the strongest...You might just try a whole lot less of it or some milder wood like apple or cherry....Great looking fatie !!!
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Thanks, I found the mesquite chips at walmart for $1.99 so I thought I'd give them a try. I have lots of apple and plum so I think I'll stick with them for now.
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I like mesquite, but it is strong. Your smoke looks a little heavy to me. Not bad, just a little. Remember if you can smell it, that's enough. Especially with mesquite. You want to see just a whisp of smoke.
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My first (and last) smoke I did with mesquite chips from walmart... on a hotplate... in a garbage can. Same exact problem. Smoke was about the same thickness of yours, and The bark on my pork shoulder was... pungent. Made great omelettes though.
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