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1st fatty...well ok we'll make 3.

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I decided to try my first fatty and couldn't help myself so I made three!
1.5 lbs of bulk Bratwurst
1 handfull of babyspinach leaves
1 green onion sliced thin
fresh mushrooms chopped fine
1/2 cup hi-temp mozzeralla cheese diced (in 2 of the fatties)
1/2 cups worth smoky swiss-n-cheddar chunks (in the other 1)

I tried something similar to the ziploc method to spread the sausage.
I used a wide shallow meat containercovered with plastic wrap. This gave me a lip to flatten the meat to,and saved me the step of cutting the plastic bag. Next layer the spinach, green onion, mushrooms,& cheese on top. Voila!!
[ATTACH]Attachment 21722[/ATTACH]Attachment 21721

Now use the plastic wrap to roll the meat. Then fold in an seal the ends.On a new sheet of p.wrap make your bacon weave.

Attachment 21723
Roll the fatty onto the bacon weave.
Attachment 21724

Wrap fatty tight with the p.Wrap.
Attachment 21725

3 awesome fatties!!
Attachment 21726

They were going to be smoked tonight but a huge thunderstorm blew up while I was pre-heating the smoker...tomarrow I guess.icon_neutral.gif

Thanks for Checking this out. More Q view Tomarrow.
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Looks good SOB....
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Sucks about that storm blowin through.
Everything looks great so far SOB. I liked that you were gonna do your first then it turned into 3.
Can't make too much of a good thing.
Points for the great informative pictures.
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They look great so far!

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Looking good. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I like your pan method. It's like how I form great for these too, from the looks of 'em!

Lookin' good!

Bring on the smoke when you can.

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Those look great. What's the tub of meat in the background? Looks like a resturant kitchen. Maybe?
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No, its a meat lug for making hamburger....SOButcher! Yup its awesome having access to soooo much beautiful meat and now having a smoker that I can transform myself into a true food wizzard!!!
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Duh, Guess I should've figure that out from your name. As a butcher, your input is going to be most welcome around here. And I think I speak for most everyone when I say how jealous we are that we don't access to the choices that you do. Very cool.
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A Butcher???? That's cheatin!!!!!!

Great ideas and pics!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
Good to have ya aboard!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
Here come the questions!!!!icon_question.gif
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ok, so since I couldn't smoke my fatties yesterday,(t-storm). I was telling the people at work they would have to wait another day to try them...practically a mutiny on my hands! I agreed to make 4 more.these were ground chuck with bacon burger seasoning,garlic powder, & ketchup,wrapped around chopped mushrooms ,green onion,&hi-temp mozzerella cheese. Oh, and wrapped in bacon...of course.
check out the view of the finished product.
pork ones first
Attachment 21730

now the beef bacon burger.
Attachment 21731

A cut-away view of each. the left one is the pork.
Attachment 21732
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Beaut!!! Those are nice lookin fatties..!! looks really good for your first ones.. usually folks make one but you made 7 !! Your definatly shareing the wealth.. POINTS!!!

I bet you can put them on the store menu for your custies... they all look great!!!

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Looks good SOB, stinks about the storm. Will be staying tuned!
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