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Got my smoker back from the painter....need a name.

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I posted some build pictures of my smoker in the "Show off your rig" thread earlier. I don't have a permanent trailer yet so for now I just move it on and off one of my utility trailers with my backhoe loader when I need it.


I had a guy sandblast it the other day and a friend of mine painted it for me this week. I can't complain too much about the job he did because I bought the paint (hunter green and black) and he did it for free. The colors don't show up in the pictures as well as I'd like but its a nice contrast when you see it in person. We did the smoke box, legs, stacks, shelf and door handles black then painted the main cooker green just to be different. I also made an ABT rack from some scrap steel I found at my shop.....all I had to do was drill the holes but I may have to go back and make them bigger.

I'm gonna test it out this weekend and smoke up a bunch of butts to payback all the people who assisted me in the build and to just get a little more practice before the Fourth. We're going to have a cookout to celebrate the holiday and my wife's birthday.

I'm trying to think of name for the new rig so any suggestions would be appreciated.

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And I just want to say "Hi" to everyone out there!! I had to add that to meet the requirments.

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What a Sweetheart!

Whoa Dude,
Right away I thought "What a Sweet heart". So My vote is in for "Sweet Heart".
Hope that's not too lame but man.. nice job on the smoker! And you're right. The holes in the ABT rack will need to be much larger.

Sincerely Jealous,


P.S. Either that or " Big Kick A$$ FU&^%n Smokin Rig"
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It is like a big green smokin bug. I like it very cool
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I had thought about "REALLY big green egg".
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Very nice looking smoker, great job to you and all of those that helped. I really like the green, unique and adds character.

Since it has no trailer (yet) I am thinking HitchHiker.....
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Nice job Rab,,,that looks great.
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It just looks like a Buford. biggrin.gif
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Could call the smoker Roger, or if it needed a last name also Roger Miller.....
"Trailer for sale or rent".
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Mantis (like in praying mantis).

Sweet looking heavy duty rig!
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I was gonna say "the big green egg. only bigger."

Congrats on your new "green baby"
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with the dual stacks and front view it looks like "Optimus Prime".
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FrankenSmoke - that dude is huge.
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I would refer to it simply as " the Beast "

How many pork butts do you think will fit in there? Or better yet, how many hogs would fit in there? I like it...Good Job Sir PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great looking Smoker! In my part of the country one name comes to mind, Wooly Mamoth, but I think that the best name might be "Mean Green Mamoth Smoker". Just an idea. Best of Luck!
The Virginia Smoke Signal
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One of my favorite characters:


light it up and watch is blaze!
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MEAN GREEN SMOKEN MACHINE if ya get a chance shoot some more pics in a dirrerent light would really like to see the hunter green.
super build points.gif
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how about BOB?
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The smoker looks good..What time did you say hte butts would be done? lol.. Hope it turns out real good..
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The Green Sled. Nice job.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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