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So Eric if I completely close my two bottom/side vents, will that help me keep the stock plate hotter to get more consistent smoke?
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That's a very good question. You know, I hadn't even thought about that. I was using chunck hickory on that brisky smoke and as I recall, I had over 3 hours of smoke for the 1st batch, and about 5 hours on the 2nd. It did start out a bit heavy, but calmed down right away too. Just enough smoke to see it from up close, and I had to look hard to see it all most of the time.

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Warm Drying: Beef Snack Sticks and Strips- Update

I'm drying in the Vault today w/o out smoke and the progressively reported results are here:

I though a few Smoke Vault users may find this helpful for future jerky sessions...biggrin.gif


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Double your Jerky smoking/drying capacity

I finished a mod for add-on jerky racks this evening and will put it to the test on Thursday (10-01-09). I have 9lbs-6oz of 85/15 ground beef seasoned and curing in the fridge since 9:00 PM Tuesday night, so, I'll find out approx. how much my peak jerky capacity is after shooting it all onto the grates with my jerky gun.

If you're curious, 6 lbs is seasoned with Nesco's regular, the remainder is my own hot pepper seasoning/cure.

I would estimate that whatever I can fit from the jerky gun would be doubled if not tripled when using 1/4" sliced whole muscle meat instead of ground meat.

The mod was done after having a few days to ponder the idea of ordering 8 Bradly jerky racks or doing this instead...this seemed to make much more sense, and costed very little to do ($24.00 vs $58.00).

The jerky rack HOW TO mod thread is here:

I'll post up a q-view of the jerky smoke on Thursday.

EDIT: here's the Jerky Smoke:


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I have been looking at he smoke vault for a while now and it seems that everytime I tune in here I see more and more things about how good the vault is. So I really want one now and all I need is some more money for it. You guys are great modavatores for me too work harder.
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Yeah, it's a nice rig...I really like it. I will say that with the additional cost of the SV24 vs a widebody GOSM......well, depending on where/when you but it, you have to figure in rack spaces, number & type of racks included, and the stainless door/water pan. So, it's kind of 6's...for alot less cash, you lose out on the stainless...the stainless pan does clean-up pretty easy and I have not used any liner in it...I'm kind of wary of placing foil that close to a flame anyway.

If you can't swing the cash, but really want to go bigger...the GOSM's not a bad smoker either.

I did notice one advantage between the GOSM and the SV24 for the cold jerky smoke: infinate adjustment of the burner in the WARM settings. I could pull the burner flame down to where I would have sworn it would go out...but it held onto that short blue (~3/16") flame...I have no need to install a needle valve mod for burner control, so that's a nice benefit.

I was able to run chamber temps down to approx. 70* F above ambient with a light breeze getting to the smoker. That's a pretty fine line, but my SV 24 can walk on it.



EDIT 10-07-09: Here's a near full load of jerky with another add-on rack mod for 5 full double rack positions @
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Can you tell me the possition of the top vent durring your tests? Do you know the wind speed and direction (in relation to the side vents)?

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Top vent fully opened, and the smoker was in an area sheltered very well from the wind. As I recall, winds were very light, also.

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How did you bend the tabs? I seem to be bending everything but the tabs!!PDT_Armataz_01_17.gif
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Best way for me was to unscrew the two bottom circular vent covers/, then bend the tab straight /flush so that they no longer catch on the openings. Once the tabs are bent and no longer catch on the openings so you can rotate the vent covers so they effectively prevent any air from entering the bottom vents. At that point "only air coming into the cook chamber will have to pass through the burner housing fitst."
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The vent covers are not on the smoker right now. The problem is when I try to bend the tab, it twists the entire vent cover, not the tab istself.
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Hmm....Maybe you could try using a piece of 1/4 steel plate as an anvil, then use a body hammer (the kind they use in autobody repair) and hammer the tab flush. You could probably also use a ball peen hammer.
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I wish I could find my dremel so I could be done with it. I just don't have the the right tools to do this without warping the entire vent. Plyers and a nail hammer just aren't cutting it.....
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Yup...Dremel will do a great job cutting that thing off. Hang in there...looks like you're almost there.
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