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Call me LAZY.

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On Saturday I finished smoking a brisket with a Boston Butt on top of it in the smoker (the butt was on the rack above my briskett), call me lazy, or maybe sac religious, but I let the pork fat cap mop my brisket for me and the result was good. I didnt have to do anything but let my butt do the mopping for me. I smoked them both with oak that I got on a turkey hunting trip in April.
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Lazy? Maybe.

Genius? Definetly.

Pork fat? Rules.
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I don't think that's lazy. That's smart!
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That's called maximizing effectiveness! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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^^^what he said^^^
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I agree with everybody thats sounds like a great idea.
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worded well^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^:PDT_Armataz_0 1_34:
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Hello done did good!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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yup yup sounds like a plan!!
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I don't wanna be the one what swings the opposite way, but, ifin yer followin the stackin rule fer smokin which is, beef on top, pork in the middle an poultry on the bottom, yall violated the rule. Now this ain't a set in stone rule, there are exceptions, but, just a good idea not ta vary from the rules cause it can get ta be a habit.

The idear is, the beef is the least likely fer contamination, followed by pork an bringin up the rear, er the one with more potential fer causin contamination be poultry.

One of the exceptions ta the rule would be ifin they are both put in at the same time an cooked ta the proper temps. I just don't like food posionin so I don't play with the rules to much. If ya ever got a good case a food posionin ya would never wan't another.

Just better ta be safe then sorry is all. Just my two coppers worth.
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I think it's a good idea - mainly cuz then you aren't opening the smoker to mop the beef!

As far as contamination, I don't see an issue there as long as the pork is cooked to temp! Always good to be thinking safety though!
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All I know is ifin I'm hungry taint nuttin safe!!!!biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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I always do butts over brisket. Chicken always on the bottom. Nice job - nothing lazy about it.
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