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Fattie throw down?

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When's the next fattie throw down?
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Unfortunately most of the people on this site do not embrace the throwdown spirit. My suggestion is to just make your fatty, post it. Bask in the glory of points and praise.
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ah "V "is in the house!
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i have to disagree, the last attempt was just poorly planned and was doomed to fail from the start.
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I enjoy doing the fattie throwdowns.
I started the last one but being a noob at the time I had no clue how to go about it. I didn't think it was terrible as many people participated and had a good time but I didn't know what the people wanted and sort of just went with the flow.
Basically the only rules were to be creative, have nice Qview and have fun with it. There was no winner chosen.
Some folks wanted to vote for a winner and most others didn't so I just went with the majority and let it go to the end date and everyone had a bit of fun with it.

As it happened Herky, I asked when the next fattie throwdown was going to be and I was pretty much automatically nominated to start the whole thing.
In the spirit of randomness I would like to officially designate you as the chosen one to begin the next fattie throwdown.
Summertime throwdown.
Should be fun.
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I had some ideas that might help such as:

Categorize a bit differently:

1) My first fattie - for new users or lurkers who just want to try a fattie for the first time. Basic recipies and techniques to encourage users to try something new and to post.

2) Theme fatties - It's summer time, so either theme ingrediants or pairings (summer sports + beer = buffalo hot wing fattie?)

3) Creative fatties - the usual "Wow" fatties that are new and innovative.

Judging could be kept to option 2 and 3, and maybe instead of judging, we as a community get to supply captions or something to each fatty entry. Best fattie + catpion wins.

Also maybe try to split up the entry time into 2 weekend, Saturday + sunday with 4 different words to allow people more time to cook. Pictures have to be up the day of the word, but you have 4 chances to enter.

I'll think about this whole thing and if people want to do this, or have ideas let them loose. I really like seeing all the new ideas and testing on these boards lately so I just hope something like this will stir some creative juices!

Thanksgiving fattie - Turkey with - roasted beets, stuffing beer brined chicken.

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I think I helped nominate Fire it up to get the last one started so I will in turn second the nomination of HerkySprings to get this one going.

Keep throwing some ideas out and see what works. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I am all about this! I want to try some new things out and would love to blow others minds.
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...and I will keep my mouth shut so I don't get nominated. LOL

BUT I will say thank you to FireitUp for getting the Springtime '09 Throwdown started. Whether you knew what you were taking on or not and whether there was an actual winner or not, I think we all got to see some things we wouldn't normally have.
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Let me talked to the mods and lets put together a good game plan and maybe get some kind of prize for the winner. In the meantime does anyone have a good theme for a throwdown?
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I'd say summer is good theme, but not just ingrediants. Maybe a simple classic fattie plated or used in an unusual way with a summer theme.

Easy example is a sliced fattie "burger", or hot dog.

Or possibly as summer heats up, a Tailgating theme? Ingrediants or flavours used by local area's sports teams?
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I like that "summertime" theme idea. Maybe involve summertime things, like say veggies from your garden?

Also NFL season starts early this year (AUG 13 I believe is the first preseason game) so the tailgating theme dovetails in well too.

My 2 cents worth. I'm all for another throwdown....Herky Rules~!
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fattie throwdown

Awesome!! I'm smoking my first fatties tonight,3 of them...couldn't help myself. Once I got started making them I had to make more.biggrin.gif I'm Having trouble posting pics on here(too large file size)so any help would be great. Gotta go smoke some pig! later.
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Everybody here loves to try to outdo each other and make it just that little bit differant but never better than anyone elses. We all just love the FATTIES
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stinking thunderstorm!!mad.gifshut down my smoke!!Gonna have to wait till tomarrow.wish me luck.
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The only thing I've ever smoked was a turkey in a webber bullet. Turned out dry, but good. So with that said I'm gonna throw myself into this with reckless aplomb. Thinking things through thoroughly has never been my hallmark.

Now it's of to menards and farm and fleet to Shoddily mod my offset. Mindless Haste AWAY!!!
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i agree 100% - it got some things moving and the creative juices flowing....

as for the summer throwdown - i've already got an idea!
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I'm going to try to do my first fattie tomorrow. No smoker at my apartment, so I'm gonna try ass grill w/ indirect heat. I'll take pics of my first try and maybe enter in the throwdown

Sausage, rice, smoked guoda, mushrooms and onions
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Let's go :{)
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Gotta watch out for those ass grills biggrin.gif

If doing on a grill over indirect heat, are you thinking of adding wood still?

And the brain juices are already flowing for the next throwdown.
Would like to do a devils hurts when i pee fattie. All kinds of hot, homegrown hot peppers, and even bhut jolokias. Only problem is I wouldn't eat it. Maybe call up a few members who either love that much heat or don't have enough sense to stay away from bhuts.
This should be fun.
And thanks for the good words Dude and Tas.
Fresh eggplant, hollowed out and stuffed with basil, tomatoes and mozz, coated in sausage, super eggplant parm fattie?
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