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Making Sausage

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Where would you point a Newbie (me) to if I wanted to learn the basics for making sausage that I plan to smoke? Reference materials, equipment etc. icon_rolleyes.gif Thanks to All
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Get Great sausage recipes and meat curing by Rytek Kutas....
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Get this book it is considered the bible of sausage making

by Rytec Kutas
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What ^they said! Best book that I know of. He gives all the details about the different herbs and spices, cures and the safety of your product. Get the book, you won't regret it.
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Thanks to All.... icon_smile.gif
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As noted that is THEE place to start, but don't stop there. Do a lot of searching on this site. There has been a tremendous amount of great info posted on here by site members. And don't be afraid to ask questions here as well. Lots of great folks willing to share their knowledge around here as well.
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As far as equipment a grinder, stuffer, and good set of scales can get you going. Some people do use the grinder to stuff as well I have used mine to stuff but prefer a dedicated stuffer.
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Old poi dog
Be careful now, this is another addiction (obsession) that could change your life..... but its all fun !!! Get the book and it will get you started in the right direction. I have been making sausage since 1988 and did not get the book till last winter (I'm kinda slow !!!).
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val, they all are correct... thats the book to get you started, great reference book that will get you great info not just on sausage but on the different cures, bacon and ham making, etc... if you dont have the equipment i would start looking around, ebay or craigs list for a start. lotsa sausage makers here so theres alot a knowledge here to be tapped as well.
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what ^ said
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Ditto everyone!

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