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Just saw someone at working eating these.local grocery has them 10lbs for 10 just cook these like spare ribs or shorter time?they dont look like they have much meat on them.but they did look good,but then again anything grilled looks good right?lol
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their kinda of cook till done, a couple hours or so, keep an eye on them and go by feel. My dots really like them.
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Heh, riblets are (or were) a big thing when I worked at Crapplebee's.
The don't usually have a lot of meat but are good and easy to eat.
Just take a bite, kind of take the meat off and spit out the bone. Never smoked them and at the restaurant we seasoned them, seared them and tossed in a pan with some liquid smoke and steamed them for several hours, cool and brush with bacon fat. Then when time to reheat they were tossed on the grill till hot and brushed with BBQ.
Would really be interested in seeing how they come out when properly smoked.
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ok,cool i will try to smoke em up right then sometime.what could it hurt right?
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Buzz is about right....I've done them a couple times also....very tasty, and a pretty short smoke....around 3 hours.

The riblets at Applebee's aren't like the ones I get at our Hy-Vee store....Applebee's uses riblets that are often referred to as "feather bones"

The ones from my local store are sawed with a bandsaw until they are only about 1 1/2 - 2" bones.

You still have to peel the membrane as with other ribs, but, other than that, they cook and taste the same....just in less time.

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LOL!!!! Love the name of your former employer.
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I have done up riblets a couple of times on the smoker they are great.

I mix em up with what ever rub I have laying around.

I start them off with heavy smoke, let em cook until they are looking nice and red.

Then I put them in a foil pan to make em nice and tender.

I then finish them off on the grill with sauce of choice.

I have to say they are as good if not better then ribs plus you can do up 10 lbs rather quickly.

You just had to remind me about riblets!

Now to find someplace that has them on saleicon_smile.gif
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