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Eye round roasts

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Decided it was time for some roast beef for sammies after seeing all the recent posts. smile.gif Got two 7 lb roasts, trimmed them of excess fat, seasoned with kosher salt, granulated garlic and cbp. Decided to use the Bradley electric today as the Brinkmann was going to be busy too. Smoking at 230, using oak.

After smoking.

Next day, half of it is sliced. Decided to put the rest in the freezer and will slice as needed.
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Looks great Dawn. Such a delicious cut if cooked right.
Have you had a sammie yet? What was your verdict cause the beef looks great to me.
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Looks great Tbear! I'm guessing cooked to an internal temp of 130*? I did one for daddy's day. Sliced thin and put on top of thick italian bread and smothered in gravy. Mmmmmm.
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Two thumbs waaaaay up. That pile of sliced meat looks perfect.

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OK, between this post and a few others I've seen recently, looking like this is a must try soon. That meat looks so good!!
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Dawn those look delicious.. just ate lunch , now you got me thinking about dinner already lol.
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No, I did not have a sammie. I actually did too much sampling while slicing. icon_redface.gificon_lol.gif It was delicious though. Sammies are on the menu for dinner tonight.

Yes, 130 was the IT.
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Looks great Dawn! Nice job!
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That's some dang nice roast beef Dawn.....nicely done!!
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Ok, just found out the kids don't like the roast beef quite that rare. icon_frown.gif Guess next time I will smoke it till it reaches 140. Oh well, live and learn.
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Wow does that ever look good. Nice job. Bet those sammies are going to be good....
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Are you sure you didnt know the kids didn't like it so rare? Just kidding great looking beef ther now where are the ribs. You are holding out on us. Did you get the shed done?
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LOL The ribs are in beef also. Yes, the shed is done and filled already.
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well then you really only have one option, send both of those to me since the kids don't like it and I will be sure that it gets properly disposed of. We would hate to have the kids be forced to eat something that they don't like. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gifPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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icon_lol.gif Come on over then! I've got lots. biggrin.gif
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It could take me months to walk to PA.Think that any would be left for me?biggrin.gif Looks awesome Dawn
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When finicky kids have to be factored in, and you have two separate roasts, just smoke one of them to a higher temperature for them while keeping the other as rare as you want it. How's that for hindsight?

I don't smoke for kids, so it looked perfect to me just the way you did it!

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Great lookin meat TBear!!!!!

Problem easily solved, just heat up some au jus and drop the beef into that to finish cooking for the kiddies...Or just give them Mc Donalds, means more beef for us.....PDT_Armataz_01_12.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks great! Your kid's need to learn that rare is the way PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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