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Some Bird, beef ribs & a chuck

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Should be in the beef forum maybe but the chicken was the main course. Smoked with a sweet mix of wood (sugar maple, peach, cherry & apple) and it all turned out great. I put the chicken in an apple sauce bath for a couple of hours and then used s&p & garlic for the beef ribs & chuck. Served w/ some slaw and had the abts for an appy. Shredded the chuck that I'll use for beef burritos in the future. Oh also did a few short ribs that didn't turn out to well!PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif Thanks for looking!

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Looks great! What happened with the short ribs?
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Everything looks really good. How did you do the short ribs?
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Looking good, Mark! Nice looking smoker too!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Ribs do look a little over done for beefies. How long did you smoke them?
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Thanks all. I did the beef ribs for about 5 hours and they came out fine but they were thin on the meat. I did have some temp spikes though. The short ribs cooked quicker than I thought they would and they just weren't tender. Maybe it was the meat it self but they weren't dry. I didn't realize that they would shrink up so quick and they were small. I did those for about 3 hours. Well time to move on and plan next weeks smoke. Back to pork!
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What did you use for a rub on the chicken? Everything looked great.
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No rub Dude. I forgot actually. Man having little kids and trying to have a good smoke can be hard to juggle sometimes! lol.

I did though apply a lexington style sauce at the end when I crisped up the skin.

I try to smoke a chicken every weekend and use the breast meat during the week for lunches. Man nothing like a smoked chicken sammy w/ some mayo, tomato, and bacon!
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