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Cowgirl's Chicken Bog

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This past weekend I smoked up 10lbs of chicken leg quarters using Shooter Rick's World Famous "Snake Bitten Rub" thread here...

I also did a favorite fattie of mine, the "Huevos con Chorizo" fattie, found here...

So as you could see I had some leftovers. So I was looking at cowgirl's blog and found this recipie for "Chicken Bog". It looked great, so I decided to whip up a batch using the chicken and sausage I smoked.

Here's a shot in the pot

...and here's a shot in a bowl with a biscut on the side.

This stuff rules. I didn't do it exactly like cowgirl since I had a bunch of leftover chicken from my father's day smoke. But the smokey flavor of the chicken and sausage were seriously prominate, and I think added a lot to it. Thank you cowgirl for the easy and delicious recipie.

You can find her recipie here on her most excellent blog...
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You're killing me - I need to eat! smile.gif
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Hmmmm.......that does look like it works well. Man, another one for a leftovers forum. That looks pretty good, Dude!

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Wow that looks fantastic...definitely going to add that to the list - good reason to smoke an extra package of chicken.
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Looks good, Dude! I'll have to try that.
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That looks really good Dude! Way to use up the left-overs!!
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Thats some good looking grub there dude. yet another good idea I will have to put on the list.
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Dude, that looks excellent!! A lot better looking than mine! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
Thanks. smile.gif
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Yeah right. We've all seen your pictures.

But I've got to say that it took me 30 minutes from start to eating since I had the chicken and sausage precooked. I just had to wait for the onion to soften up before I threw in the rice.

Thanks again for this one. I've got a ton of it leftover. I think I'll be freezing some for later.
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