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Bobbyg in Columbia SC sendin out smoke signals

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Howdy Yall!
Well lets see, I used to smoke & grill alot back in Dallas. Had a rig called rolling thunder. It was a 500 gal propane tank fitted with gas jets or could run charcoal and a 5' firebox. On the tang was an insulated stainless steel keg box in front with 2 taps. Wow what memories... but that was back in the early 90's & haven't done much since then. But the past couple of years have been grillin alot. My daughter just got me a Brinkmann Smoke N Pit for fathers day. So Im back to remember what the other smoke made me forget LOL. Gonna get it cured then its of to the buthcher! Yeah!PDT_Armataz_01_42.gifPDT_Armataz_01_42.gif:PDT_Ar mataz_01_05:
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Welcome to SMF, Bobby. Glad you joined us. Welcome back to the fun of smoking. smile.gif
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welcome, these folks will get you up to speed again no problem.
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Any tips on curing this beast?

It really has been too long since I did this. Its amazing how much you forget. But I ll never forget that smoke ring in the meat!!!

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Welcome and enjoy the forum
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This should help

It's just like riding a bicycle,,,you may be a little rusty and wobble a little bit...but you'll keep on going and it will all come back to you.

icon_razz.gifHappy SmokeN' icon_razz.gif
Sunny St. Petersburg, FL
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Welcome Bobby! You'll remember soon enough! smile.gif
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Good to have you in the forum and back in the game. I'm thinking it'll all come back to you pretty quickly and we'll be getting plenty of tips from you.
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Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you're getting back in on a bit smaller scale!icon_mrgreen.gif
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welcome to smf. Glad to have you here
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Welcome aboard BobbyG!
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Glad ya joined us Bobby...Welcome!
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Welcome Bobby from another SC smoker in Goose Creek. There are a number of guys in the Columbia area who compete.
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Welcome Bobby!
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