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Goms ?

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Can anyone tell me about how many hours a 20# tank of propane will last in a GOMS?
Thank You
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Mine last about 30 hrs @ 225-250*.
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that depends. small block or big block? the big one has a larger burner. it should use more gas.
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I have the widebody model and get between 30 and 40 hours per tank depending on weather
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I have the 20" wide model and get around 28-30 (weather permitting) with an exchange tank that says 15# weight on the label. So you don't really get 20# unless you take it to a refill station. All of the exchange tanks I have seen are labeled 15# so these places are ripping us off by shorting us of 5# of propane. I'm starting to take mine to BJ's to get filled at a much lower price and have one filled now. So far I have only 6.5 hours on it, so I'm anxious to see how much I really get on a full 20 pounder.
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