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1st smoke in my home built

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First off I would like to say thanks to all the folks on this forum. I stumbed on this sometime last year and have to say I am hooked. I have read alot of advice and have to say that this is a great bunch of people.

After checking the weather for Saterday I Fineally got a chance to break in the smoker. The weather chanel convinced me that I was going to get wet if I wanted to take a trip on the bike

Originally I was going to brine 2 chickens, but time did not allow it (or I thought).

I decided a single dancing chicken would be the way to go for me to get the kinks out of my system.

1 chicken and 6 hours later I had something to eat.

I ran into a few kinks in the road, but a few deep breaths and a couple of beers it was all better.

First I could not find a lighter that worked,
Could not find a propane torch that worked to light to smoke generator.
Could not get both of my elcheapo digitals to work at the same time.
Relized that the thermometer that I chose to use for grate temp had a 199 degree limit.
Fire went out because of the wind, had to move everything into the garage to get out of our "mild breeze"
Never did rain, could have been out riding.

But what went right was all worth it!

Smoker worked, was able to keep temps betweek 210 and 220 with good recovery.
Smoke generator worked well, loaded up twice for almost continual smoke for 3 hrs.
Ordering a maverick ET73 this week.
Wife picked up a new propane torch
Wife picked up some new BBQ lighters
Cooked bird to 180 and was still very moist.
Wife liked the apple flavoring.
Had plenty of beer

Thanks again going to try my hand at a few fatties this week.
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Nice looking bird !!!
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Congrats! It's all worth it if the wife likes it! smile.gif
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man you got that right!lol
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