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Brinkman Smoke N Grill

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I got one of these smokers for fathers day to add to my collection -

Any feedback or mods that can be done?

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Use it a few times before you install the cover vent. IMHO it's not needed.
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steve beat me to it - the randyq mods are great. i did do the top vent, but am not convinced that it is completely necessary - on the other had, i0 have noticed that it certainly hasn't hurt anything.

in any case, this little unit is capable of turning out some very, very good q - enjoy!
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Try this site. It's a bit more involved than Randys
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The OP has a different model, but the principles are the same
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Thanks for the input.

I have a lid from a CharBroil H2O Electric smoker that has a vent and a temp gauge built in that fits nice and snug on the Smoke N Grill.

I will do the mods to the charcoal pan.
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I've had my Smoke and Grill a couple of months now and the only thing I added to mine was a perforated grill top wok that I drop in the charcoal bowl then put the charcoal in that for better air and ash drop.

I fill it about even to the top of the wok with unlit lump charcoal then dump a full lite chimney of charcoal on top of the unlit and then with water in the pan around half full I can keep it 230-250 for a good three hours with the odd stir of the coals and top off of the water. Only been doing ribs, fish, and poultry so haven't needed to go all out on the mods to deal with longer cooking times.

I also butchered up a tall square plastic container to create about a six inch V shaped trough that I clamp a set of vice grips too and then pour water through the access door into the water bowl with the trough straight from the kettle already boiling. I know people have mentioned using watering cans and funnels to also deal with water top off.
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Just an fyi, I tried the charcoal pan mod and it worked great. However, the rim of the pan is very flimsy and bends easily. I have since relocated the legs to the bottom of the pan, I put 4 legs instead of three. They are about 3 inches in length and the charcoal pan is a lot more sturday. Just food for thought. I'll get pics after I go to the beach house this weekend.biggrin.gif
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I have the exact same model. The charcoal pan mods are a must. I only did that and the unit runs fine. The Randy meathod is what I used, well almost. Here is what I did. I have fixed the paint job on it, had a little flare up one day. Whoops!

I am concerned about your Charbroil lid fitting snugly. The ECB has a loose lid on it by design. This is part of the venting and air flow system. I don't know if using a snug lid would interfere with that and create stale smoke. Just something to think about. Make sure you keep your Brinky lid just in case!
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The Charbroil lid has a vent. So, 6 of one, half dozen of the other I guess. I know I sound like a broken record. But the Brinkman works like an offset where the exhaust stack has been lowered. The Brinkman lid fills with smoke and heat, surrounds the meat for even cooking, then exits at grate level. Just like a modified offset. I've never had a problem with creosote, and meat is always evenly cooked, with no juggling food around. I think it's superior to a lid vent myself.
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