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Happy Fathers Day to Myself

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Saw this interesting smoker on Craigslist yesterday. Made contact with the owner and we agreed to meet today. I've been looking for another smoker (this makes 5) that had much more capacity than the others. We agreed on the price & the deal was done. It will need some cosmetic work but I wasn't expecting perfection.

Inside the cook chamber after I knocked out all of the loose rust & scale.

Same thing inside the fire box. I was basically seeing what I had to work with and it appears that there's plenty of meat left, metal wise.

Both doors open with the metal rods that hold the water pan. I'll be replacing the wood slats also.

The thru the door thermo will be long gone before this is put into service. It's far from accurate and the best part of all "made in usa". I love it when a plan comes together.

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Congrats thats a great find!!
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Sweeeeet! That looks like a fun project!
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Nice! Congratulations on the new smoker. Can't wait to see it in use. smile.gif Keep us posted on the progress.
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Looks like a pretty good score there, Mikey! I've seen that model, or one similar on the web...they look pretty well made.

Be sure to post some Q from her when she's ready to give some up!

Happy Father's Day, Mikey!

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You got yourself a good one that is getting hard to find; congrats !!!
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That's a nice looking rig Mikey, congrats.
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Nice find Mikey! congrats!!!
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How much was your score?? I found a similar Brinkman model recently for just $100.00 and all of the meat hooks, skewers, and stuff had never been opened yet.
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I gave the guy a c-note which is what he was asking for it. I'm sure it will be well worth it. Still cleanin' it up and hope to do a test burn tomorrow. The difference between the Brinkmann & the New Braunfels (Char-Broil owns em now) is your fire box is on the left, mine is on the right.
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Yeah mine is on the left. I can send you a word doc that I downloaded on mods for this guy too. Mainly a baffel in front of the heat inlet. I had a guy in my fab shop at work cut me one out of 1/8 inch metal but I haven't installed it yet.
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Sure, go ahead and send it to me if you can. I recall seein' that, kinda looks like a mail type slot cover that would go over a front door.
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Good Score Mike!
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Cool deal Mikey !!
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