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MORE from the IOWA gathering.

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here's a brisket getting preped

Brisket and 2 butts

Erains fish,Lake trout?, it Was awsome

Eric all happy with his drum

Eric and I

Ribs getting preped,Tip

FINNELY, got Tips super secret recipe, DON'T Tell him

Erain's fattie

Dude and I found another super secret recipe of Tip's,,,Liquid smoke???

Tip's world famous SMOKE IN THE HOLLER BEANS

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Chicken and ribs, there was a TON more on the TRIDENT, didn't get a pic

Erain and Rowdy Ray, in deeeeeep discusion

Ribs getting glazed


the spread

I got some pics of other eats, will get them posted
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WE had A TON of food, we fed half the town folk and all the camp grounds, I think we are welcome back.
We had a GREAT time and planning another gathering at CHERRY GLEN,SAYLORVILLE LAKE 2ND WEEKEND OF SEPT. we will be doing some thing this fall ,weekend may change but weill be nailed down in a week or so.
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Everything looks great! Looks like everyone is having a great time and the weather is cooperating. smile.gif Thanks for sharing the pics with us.
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Ya, it rained Friday and Sunday mornings, but was great other wise.
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Super time was had I can see, thanks for the pics. Points for taking the time and effort to keep us informed.points.gifMuch appreciated.
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Looks like a great time, thanks for sharing the Q-view Buzz
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yup thanks for the pic's and the play by play-sure looked like a great time.
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Good times and good chow. Glad everyone had fun. And the town of Rockford will surely never be the same.
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The Beans?

Everything looks great. Have a question about the beans. What kind or kinds did you use and how much?
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Looks like a good time glad ya'll had fun!!
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Look awsome!
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Here ya go George:


55 oz Bush’s Original Baked Beans
45 oz Red Beans with juice
30 oz Pinto beans drained
15 ½ oz Black beans with juice
¼ Cup Dark Brown Sugar
1 Tbs Garlic Powder
1 Tbs Onion Powder
2 Tbs Worechestershire Sauce
2 lbs Maple Bacon
¼ Cup Molasses

Mix together, simmer for at least 2 hours

An there ain't no liquid smoke in em either!
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