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Poll expired: Jul 1, 2009  
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    baby backs
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Whenever I buy the St. loius style they are pre-cut and packed at the grocery store and always have about an inch of cartalige left on the bone ends, thats the part I do not care for. I've never bought the entire spare and trimmed it myself but probably would prefer to do it that way from now on.
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I am in the camp of liking Spares better, trimmed or not. I prefer to trim them so I have the trimmings to use for other recipes. Just my .02 ...
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Do you have a Sam's Club close by? If so, get a friend to take you there (one with a membership) and get a pack of thier Spares. Three in a pack and good and meaty,IBP product I think . Anyway if no Sam's Try Super K-mart,Kroger or the other major supermarkets. The out-of-the-way Meat Mkts. are good too.
Hope this helps.
Stan aka Old School BBQ biggrin.gif
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Thanks BBQfans, i have decided to go with the BB's.....my cousin only graduates once and what the heck i might as well treat myself and the attending guests while im at it......let's call it a test of BB's vs Spares.....Q view to come on sunday of the eventPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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