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Bacon Brisket for MY-day

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I was going to wait until this was finished to post this thread but I just went out there and flipped it after cooking for 5 hours and what I saw looked so good I figured I'd go ahead and start a thread about this. I used my regular marinade for my brisket but this time around I decided to wrap it in bacon to cook it. I'll put the marinade up later (already attempted to post this thread once and it got erased on me, so I'm a little frustrated).

Here's pictures from the begining to the 5 hour mark.
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Boy That does look good Melty! I like how the bacon has formed a "skin" on it.
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Lookin Good!
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Interesting smoke, looks great.
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Wow that looks great!
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Just finished eating some of the brisket and other than making a good treat for my dog the bacon didn't really do anything noticable to the brisket. Sounded good in theory but kind of pointless.

The bacon turned out to be oversaturated with smoke and burnt because of the 10 hour cook so I'm just using it for dog treats.
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I bet you have one happy dog! smile.gif You never know how something will turn out unless you give it a try. points.gif for the effort.
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Great looking brisket. Glad you were happy with it. Nice job.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thats a sweet looking brisket there melty. I bet your dog loved it too. Nice smoke keep up the good work.
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