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Ash Pan for UDS

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Drumheads - what have you been using for an ash pan in your UDS? I have a new charcoal basket I made with expanded metal and a 13.5" Weber grate, but I'm having trouble finding something to use for an ash pan. It would have to be flat on the bottom and at least 14" in diameter, and not too tall. I've searched many threads but haven't found much. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks.
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I made mine own.with extended handles. Works pretty good.

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I use a metal oil pan, or some call it a feed pan, drilled a few holes round the edges just for some extra venitlation, then added a bail wire handle. Works great.

If the galvanized bothers ya, just burn it off.
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I pick my drum up and dump it into the trash bin ...heave hoo lol
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I don't use one either, I shop vac it out and I'm done.
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I don't use one either, I scoop it out and it works fine.
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The reason I do use one is because of the moisture build up in the bottom of my drum, we have high humidity round here an if I didn't use an ash pan, I'd have a bloody muddy mess in the bottom, usin a pan heps keep the ash dry. If ya don't have the moisture issue, Ya probably wouldn't need one.
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Thats what I bought a hose for icon_mrgreen.gif
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I use a lid from a 30 gallon drum for an ash pan. Rarely get much ash that doesn't drop on it, so cleanup means lifting out the basket, then the lid and dumping the ash somewhere. With only one butt or piece of meat centered over the charcoal basket, all grease and moisture drips onto the charcoal and/or lid. More than that, and the bottom of the barrel gets wet too, in which case the cleanup problem is a bit more complicated.
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I use the pan from one of those cheap tabletop grills. It fits perfectly in the bottom of the drum.

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This is what I use. It is a top to a 30 gallon drum bolted right to the charcoal basket. With that big handle the whole thing is lifted out easily in one piece, ash and all. No ash is left in the drum either.

Here is an action photo.

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get yourself a large pizza pan. walmart, dollar store...ect. drill a 1/4 inch hole in the center install a 1/4x1-1/2" eye bolt with a nut on top and bottom of the pan. use a hook to pull out ash pan.
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Since I flipped mine over and made the locking lid the bottom I used the lid that I cut out for an ash pan. I cut slits all around the lid and folded up the flaps. That makes it almost as wide as the drum and still deep enough to catch all the ash.

Another pic

Here is a link to my whole project
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