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Pops Spares for Tomorrow!

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Unthawed that second rack of ribs I got at Kroger a few weeks back for 99¢ lb. and am cooking them up today. Don't need to eat them today however, oldest son has invited us to his house for a Father's day dinner with NY Strip Steak grilled w/all the fixin's, so I'm hogging these babies all to myself for tomorrow night's dinner! (well, share with the wife of course!).

Here they are after 3 hrs. on the smoker, ready to foil and put back for 2 hrs., doused with apple juice with a little in the bottom of the foil to braise.

Pops §§
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Looking good Pops !!
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Looking good. I wanted to do ribs today but hubby wanted burgers on the grill so guess what I'm doing. Oh well, tomorow is another dry day. smile.gif
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Thats some beautiful looking ribs, Pops! Wow....i wish mine would look that good. Gonna take your advice and stick to apple juice in the foil.

May I ask what- if anything- you coated them with prior to foiling? They look outstanding!

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Nice ribs Pops.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks yummy! Thta's how I do mine to. That apple juice works well.
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Looks godd, I love ribs!
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Real nice looking ribs.
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Here they are, all done after saucing and refrigerated overnight, going to reheat these for tonight's dinner!

I rubbed them with salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika and Altern© (Walmart's alternative to Splenda©) before smoking, smoked for 3 hours with mesquite on high (about 250°), foiled and poured applejuice over them and braised for 2 hours on medium (about 180°), then unfoiled and basted with Stubbs BBQ w/soy sauce and Worchestershire sauce added for ½ hr. each side back on high (about 250°)w/ more mesquite a-smokin' into the sauced ribs for a final shot of flavor.

Pops §§
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Great looking ribs, Pops! I don't think I could have put them away without at least trying one bite. I think ribs are my favorite.
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Beautiful ribs Pops, that is what is for dinner tonight here... At least I know the pig didn't give his all for nothing when SMF members apply the TBS!
I delivered the Winco ad for one of their stores last week, .98 a pound... so picked up 22 pounds (have some in freezer so didn't stock up).
Thanks for sharing the q-view proved to me that my salivary glands are working... Am drooling before I get my first cup of coffee!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
aka Rocky
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Fine looking work there Pops. Hope they're as tasty as they look tonight.
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