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Perfect Fathers Day in MI

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85 degrees, no wind, great family, a smoker full of ribs and a cooler full of beer. What more could a man want?
Happy Fathers Day to everyone.
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thanks and back at ya george-100 here in the desert but still a great day-will grill later.
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It's 101 here in sunny Fla and the smokers full of butt and pork loin. the gators are playing on the tube. It mite be an old game but It's Great To Be A Florida Gator
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It was great to be a Michigan Wolverine but with this new coach it's not to good anymore.
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Great to hear that all those men out there are enjoying their Father's Day weather! icon_razz.gif
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Been too rainy to smoke here but glad somebody's got a smoker and cooler full!
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To get fathers day off work icon_evil.gif I've been backed up due to weather and really had to work today to get back on track, thats one of the drawbacks to being self employed. Got a big hug from the boy when I got home so that was enough for me wink.gif Happy fathers day to everyone else and nice to hear some of you are having the perfect day!
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