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Watermelon Warning!

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To all guests and members be aware! Injecting Rum into watermelons can give one a tremendous headache the folloing Day. Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

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LOL, I remember the old fashion way cutting a hole in it and stickin the bottle in it for a day or so. Are you actually injecting it and how long did you let it sit?
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LOL, sorry you're not feeling so well, Rick.
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ya I was kinda waiting for this,enjoy your morning in bed rick.
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LOL, To funny Rick, How did it taste? Was the rum noticeable?
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First I injected it in 3 locations friday night with about 4 ozs Bacardi Gold. Wrapped in in plastic and in the fridge till saturday night. A bit of salt when cut and there ya go. Yes the rum was noticable and the flesh in places a bit golden from the rum. It was good but man I should have given some to the neighbors. LOL
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Try a Vodka injection next time icon_razz.gif

I thought I had a similar allergy to rum from a trip to Fla.
Wicked headaches every time.
Found the cause for me though , not the rum , it was the ice
in the frozen drinks and hot weather and sun.
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LOL too funny.

I thought you started with 2oz. You must've added some more.

Take 2 Advil and one large bottle of original gatorade. You'll be ready to go again tonight.
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Not feelin to bad now but yes after the original post I kicked it up a notch based on the feedback. Sometimes ya just shouldnt listen! LOL
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It would seem to make you misspell some words as well. biggrin.gif
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Use white rum or vodka next time my friend.
Not near as bad on your head.
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That's funny! Probably how I felt Friday. Yikes! Rum has a lot of sugar in it and dehydrates you fast.
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