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First Smoke with QView!

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In my research I hit upon a page that showed how to use a Weber grill as a smoker so I decided to try it by smoking 2 whole chickens with some Hickory and Apple woods. I also used Stubb's marinade on the chicken and used Kingsford Lump Charcoal.

Here it is:

Just about to put the lid on:

Smoke from the Apple chips (I used Hickory chunks in the coals):

All in all it was pretty good! The wife has stomach problems and can't eat too many things but she liked this chicken.

I learned a lot, that's for sure!
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Looks like a successful smoke. Congrats.
What did you think of the Stubb's? I tried out his marinade on some chicken quarters and didn't think it really added much flavor. I love Stubb's but I dunno on that one.
Glad it was pretty good for you and that your wife liked it.
Have you ever given brining a bird a try?
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I couldn't taste the Stubb's at all in the cooked birds, like it was never there.

I haven't brined yet but I will try it.
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Nice first smoke.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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good lookin chicken

Real good looking chicken. Great Job.
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Congrats on your first smoke. Looks great.
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Nice job! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Congrats on your first smoke.
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Congrats on the new smoker and that is or was a good looking bird. Glad the wife enjoyed the bird.
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Love the Weber

I Like the Weber Gold ya have thar !!!
The wife and daughter got me one for fathers day, ( today ) to replace my old one that lasted almost 20 years. I think she had other motives since she loves beer can chicken. You know you've got a great wife when she picks out another Weber !!
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I sure wished I could get me a Treager..
But instead I'll just keep using my good ole Char-Grill Pro,,,It's never failed me in 5 years
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Nice lookin' yardbirds, Valkman. Just as a suggestion on your next 'birds, try chunkin' up some apple & onion, preferably Vidalia, and stuffing the cavity loosely. Not sure how long you had the birds in the marinade but chances are it wasn't very long. Keep in mind that what ever you have on the smoker meat wise, will render outwards, therefore pushing fat & juices in the same direction. You could run the onion thru some of the marinade prior to putting it in the cavity.
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Thanks for the advice - I'll try it. Maybe if I brine it and stuff it it'll be that much better. smile.gif
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