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Dads Day

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Not going to fire up the smoker for fathers day.
temp should be close to 100 deg w/ heat index around 108 deg.
Just going to fire up the small pit and do a couple of petit filets and 2 lbs of BBQ Shrimp.
Happy Fathers Day to all .
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Sounds good to me! smile.gif Hope you have a happy Father's Day, eman.
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Hmmm that does sound good Eman, I think i need some shrimp too. Happy Dad Day too you to.
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Over 100ยบ here today too. With this heat, you wouldn't need much charcoal wink.gif
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Right there with you Eman...this heat is crazy. Suppose to be over 100 w/o the heat index this week....grilling some burgers today..
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100 here too,but a nicer 100-I think burgers on the grill also-happy dad's day to u all.
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Happy Father's day to all the dads here.

I had planned on smoking a big chuck roast and doing some salmon but ended up going to Orlando to see my daughter in a musical theater and dance performance. The smoker will have to wait and I'll just grind up this chuck for some burgers tonight. Watching my daughter dance was all I needed for a father's day present.
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lazy and hot

Not even firing the pit. A.C. is working good so made my BBQ shrimp recipe and some garlic bread in the oven and making a salad to go w/ it. Save the filet for another day.
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