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fantastic jerry-glad to have Another bacon maker on board-glad I could have will be playing with flavors next.but after HI Mtn. who needs huh?
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looks great Jerry
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I just ordered a bacon mix & cure to try this myself...could i bother you kind folks for info or a post with info on temps & times?
Great job on that bacon!
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After curing and washing well and a fry test I placed it in front of a fan to dry and form a kind of dry shine on the meat. Once dried I hung it in the smokehouse which was going already and smoked for 9 hours of which the first hour or so was at 131 then it never got over 110 in the smokehouse.
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Jerry............. That is AWESOME. Looks like you have been doing bacon for a long time.

Side note: Personally I have found that for me, cold smoke longer than hot smoke. The last time I cold smoked bacon, I left it in the "Outhouse" alot longer than hot smoking (don't remember how long). I also prefer the cold smoked bacon over hot smoked bacon. Just my personal thoughts.

Points to you Jerry.
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Your bacon looks awesome. I would like someone to answer that knows why when all of us follow the directions on curing bacon it comes out salty. Did yours? I did mine for 6 days and I had also soaked in fresh cold water for one hour before smoking and it was still a little salty for my liking. It looks really good.

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Not sure I know the actual answer but all the cures I know of use salt as one of the main ingredients that serves as the catalyst to the osmosis and carries the cure into the meat (I think) What I do know is it sometimes leaves to much of a salty taste. What was recommended to me and has worked so far is to fry test after curing and rinsing it well. If you get a salty taste soak for an hour and try again if still salty change the water and soak for a couple more hours changing the water about every hour then test it again
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That is some awesomely good looking Bacon. points.gif
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Alright. I did not know about the fry test before smoking. I'll give it a go next time. Thanks
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I Have only done belly bacon a total of 3 times, But all 3 times I did a cold smoke, Kept the temps below 110 degrees and I smoked for 12 to 14 hours each time.


I have been told that the bacon is some of the best many differant people have tasted.


I soaked mine in brine consisting of 1 gallon of water, 1 cup white sugar, 1 cup brown sugar and 1 cup kosher salt for 12 days, pulled out of brine, let dry in fridge for a day, rubbed with real maple syrup, and did the cold smoke mentioned above.


I like it better than any store bought Bacon I have ever tasted, so this is the way I will be doing mine from here on.



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Smoking at those temperatures for that long you should use a cure to ensure the bacon's safety

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Ablancher, you are so right, and Yes I do use cure 1 in my brine, Not sure why I didn't mention that in my first post, But i certainly do ad cure 1.


Thanks for catching my mistake.



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No problem,  we try to keep an eye out for that stuff so the new guys learn.  And yes homemade bacon can not be compared to the stuff you buy at the market!

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