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New way to grill hot dogs/sausages PG-13

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Couldn't think of any clever captions (not enough to drink yet)
Any takers for best caption?
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Be careful with my buns!

Good f$%in' franks!
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There plump when you cook'emicon_lol.gif
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Buns of steel or Backdoor Dogs or Too many Franks! icon_mrgreen.gif
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Are those Johnsonvilles?
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No spackling needed: plumber's crack is full!

Don't bust my buns!

A pair still beats a king...

You want chili & cheddar with that?

Never trust a polish!

Where do I put the mustard?
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Nice to meat you.

More than meats the eye.

Prude vegetarians hell.

Hot beef injection?

The 5th food group.

Don't worry baby, it's Kosher.
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I just don't know what to say. Someone actually invented that cooker. PDT_Armataz_01_13.gif

"I wish I was an Oscar Meyer weiner......"
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That is funny!
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Hot Dogs

Well, that just gave me a good laugh
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Doggy style!
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funny, i would like to have a set of those for next party. where can i get one
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What happens to the weeeener when it fills up with juices????
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I don't have a caption, but I'd hate to see what happens when you over cook a cheese hot dog and all the cheese sqir.... oh nevermind
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those r pretty funny.
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What... no buns?
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Hey Guys,

Don't forget the marshmallows!

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i like your thoughts
do you have a laser to play with
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Thats very funny!!!! Thanks for the laugh!
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That's the funniest way to cook a hot dog but I really wanted to try it. I am just confused what hotdog would I try to do for that Oscar Meyer or Ball Park hot dog. Speaking of brand of hot dogs there are a war happening this too. It said that marketing and advertising statements often come with a thicket of difficult legal questions. Today, the manufacturers of Oscar Meyer hot dogs and Ball Park hot dogs started their face-off in court. The way you shop, what you pay for food, or even the packaging you see could all be impacted by the outcome of these lawsuits. Source for this article: Three-year hot dog debate ends up in court

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