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High Heat Brisket (1st Time) with QView

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Got the brisket on a little before noon. UDS ranabout 315* - 335*.

A simple rub of salt, pepper, garlic and onion powders and some smoked paprika. Started juts over 6lbs...trimmed off some of the thick/hard fat.

Wrapped the brisket with some beef broth at 165*. Into the cooler around 205*. Sliced an hour later.

Less than 5 hours from beginning to end. Came out AWESOME! Juicy and tender. I'm looking forward to trying this again!!

Click for full size.

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Nice job on the brisket. Looks great...
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Man...I do like Brisket! Nice work!
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Looks like it came out great. Kinda like a power smoke I guess. Nice smoke ring too. I would worry it would get dry using higher temps but that looks good & juicy. Great job!
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That was my worry, too...came out good and moist though!
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Glad it worked out for ya! Nice job. I'm surprised it wasn't a little tough. Looks great.
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That's a nice looking brisket.
Congrats on a great smoke. Any particular reason you smoked at such a high temp?
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Just experimenting after reading lots of success stories.
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Good looking brisket. Thanks for posting.
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good looking brisket there. I always leave the fat cap on mine It seems to baste it as it cooks to me. that was a fast cook though and awful high heat I'll be smoking one next weekend but I think at much lower heat. Big party cann't take the change.
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I've been wanting to try this but have been afraid of it drying out. Congrats on the smoke, it looks mighty good.
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It's been my contention that you can smoker at higher temperatures with good results. Depends on the meat. Some flats are so lean that they will be dry no matter what temperature you do them at and some briskets will have enough fat to withstand the higher heats with no ill effects.
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I was skeptical the first time i seared then smoked at 275 a brisket-years ago...Hands down the easiest way to soften up a tough brisket.

I smoke them 275-300.Closer to 300 and they have excellent smoke ring.
I use more smoke then normal-to get good ring before 140-150 internal.
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Very nice brisket Good Job
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That aint no UDS. Thats a WSM!

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Good looking brisket  well done

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Check the date! 

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Looks great, nice job.


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