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GOSM at Wally World!

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I was just at wally world and they have 3 new in the box GOSM's for $74 a peice marked down from $99 the tags said. I didn't get the dimensions from the box as my wife was in a hurry, but I did get the model number it is a 3405GW. Anyone know the dimesions on this unit? I went to Bass Pro the other day and looked at them they have 3 different sizes there a really narrow one that is $149 the mid size which is $169 and the big block thats $199. Which one is this one at Wally World comparable to?
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I have the 3405GW. It is the smallest size (gasser), at 16" W x 14" D x 34" chamber height. They come with 3 racks and have a 4th rack postion. Mine was 99 or 100 bucks over 5 years ago. $74 is a good buy.

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I think this must be the smallest one, but unless you plan on feeding a lot of people it is plenty big. (I've heard that the Walmart model isn't exactly same as those at Bass Pro Shop; lighter metal, but it works fine for me.) At $74, buy 'em all.
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My wife just bought me the 20" X 14" for fathers day. It's $159 on Walmarts web site. She gave $99 for it on sale. I'm going to do my first smoke Friday.

Hopefully with all the great info I picked up on these forums, it'll turn out great.
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$74.00 for a GOSM is a good deal. Grab it for a starter or a backup. You can't have too many Smokers you know.....
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I just went to a Wal-Mart a little farther from me and they have a wide body 20x14 in stock but the price tag I believe was $138. If I wasn't out of work I would have snagged it.
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