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Injected Turkey

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I decided in the interest of safety to spatchcock this big ol' 19 pound turkey. Injected with Creole Butter marinade and sprinkled with coarse pepper. Smoked at about 285 degrees using mostly cherry and a piece or two of hickory.

Injected and ready for the smoker.

About 3 hours in the smoke.

The obligatory pan of Dutch's beans.

The test cut. Nice and juicy. Smoked to 172 degrees.

Thanks for checking out my smoked bird.
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Yum, Keith. That bird looks delicious. Makes me want to do one when (and if) it ever stops raining here.
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Great looking turkey Bassman. My favorite of all smoked meats. Gotta try a creole butter type injection, that would be so good.
Never tried to spatchcock one. I know full birds take a while to cook and have heard spatchcocking dramatically reduces the cook time. About how long did this one run ya?
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Thanks Dawn. It's supposed to rain here this afternoon, so I did this early. I still have a rack of ABTs on the smoker hoping to get them done before the rain.
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Looks great!
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This one took right at 5 hours. The reason I took it out at 172 degrees is that I don't like fall apart poultry. Seems a bit mushy to me.
I have been using the Creole Butter for a lot of years. Very good stuff!
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Nice looking turkey there bassman I have never seen one spatchcocked like that and it didn't take very long to smoke either I'll have to keep that in mind. We like turkeys around here, I like to inject them with creole butter just mix in some chopped peppers for the heat. Great job
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