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I don't know. That's a good question. Anyone else have any ideas?
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Would it make sense to use an external smoke source such as a Smoke pistol and then I wouldn't have to worry about using a chip pan?
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What are some other smoke sources like the smoke pistol? Are there any that are preferred by most?
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You can just set your smoke pan on the element. Try to find a flat or low sided pan. You will need to put some type of grease shield between the food and the element. If you don't it acts like fireworks when the grease hits the element. How much do you plan to cook?
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the smoke pistol

the smoke pistol is a good one but you could get by with a chip pan sitting on a piece of the element and braced up on something else. I like a heavy cast iron or stainless chip pan to hold the heat but that is just my preferance. I would try to find another oven rack and cover it with aluminum foil for a drip rack or like somebody else mentioned here a commercial cookie sheet for a drip pan. Look at junk yards for old oven racks they ussually give them away if you ask for them. yours looks like a standard size oven. Get yourself a couple good thermometers at least one digital probe for the food, mine have another sensor so i get oven temp and food temp off of one probe.
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I would try at an appliance repair place, they would have old ovens and racks easily. Or try the dump, or look in the classifieds.
I'd use a couple of cookie sheets with foil on them to use as drip pans, with a cast iron pan or griddle on the element for a wood chunk pan. You may want to put some pieces of brick or rock under it to support the weight as it could bend or mangle the element when it's hot, but still lay in on the element to get good heat transfer. Usually two cookie sheets fit side-by-side in an oven and would suffice for drip pans. Just foil 'em so you eliminate the cleanup, and you could lay a piece of foil covering the split in the middle between the two pans also.

Pops §§
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When I lay the two cookie sheets in the oven, they should pretty much cover the entire bottom of the oven, will this allow enough room for the smoke to get up around them?
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smoke will go around

the smoke will go around the cookie sheets
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If you use a smaller drip pan, you just need to add some splash gaurd to the side of the oven. That way it will allow more smoke and heat to the upper part of the oven. To do this simply add some metal to the sides of the oven at an angke to flow the drippings into the drip pan.
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Not sure, but it may be worth a try to go to an RV dealer and check on adapters.
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oven smoker

i got the same idea, glad i did a search and found this thread. i want to get a oven and already thought about drip pans, wood box ect. i like the idea of cutting the hole in the bottom and using a hot plate, would make more room for the drip pan, also i have a chimney on the back of the house on my patio (which has a roof over it) the brick in the chimney has a area to build a fire for cooking and all the smoke goes up the i thought if i cut a hole in the back of the oven towards the top and weld a pipe for the smoke to flow out of and go up the chimney and the heat also then this would also help the element to stay on more consistently,i didnt know i could convert the oven to run on 110, that being said can i run a burner or 2 on the stove at the same time (cause i really love dutches wicked baked beans recipe) and i can cook out back out side under roof and out of the weather....need some feedback on the exhaust pipe idea....Thanks.
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Well, it's been a while since I have posted on SMF...or been on the site for that matter.  After my last post last July, I went in the hospital with serious medical problems and the smoker build came to a screeching hault.  I finally just finished the project and got through my first smoke.  I was ambitious and attempted spare ribs.  I ended up using a Smoke Daddy - Big Kahuna for an external smoke source after I converted the oven to 110 v. and vented it.  The ribs turned out great.  I used the 3-2-1 method with mustard and a commercial dry rub for pork.  On one of the racks, for the last 20 min. I used Richards Vermont Made Hot Barbque sauce.  Building a smoker and smoking things is something that I have wanted to do for years.  I want to thank all the people on this forum who helped with advice and encouragement.  Last July, when I went into the hospital, I didn't know if I would ever finish my project, I was able to and am very thankful for that.  Thanx again.


Todd ( igor )   www.strikezonefishing.comFirst smoke 002.JPGFirst smoke 012.JPGFirst smoke 006.JPGFirst smoke 016.JPGFirst smoke 018.JPGFirst smoke 019.JPG

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Congratulations for pulling through your medical issues.  Hopefully they're over.  That's a nice build and the ribs look delicious. 

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That smile says alot!

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I'm glad you made it back happy and healthy with a shining qview.

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Originally Posted by igor View Post

Ok... it is now a 110 oven. can I put my chip pan directly on the lower element, or do I need it just above? The reason i ask is that the lowest rack position would put the pan about 2" above the heating element. I would like to be able to use this rack in the next position up to place the food I am smoking along with my water pan. I only have 2 oven racks. The other thing that I am trying to figure out is, being that the lower heating element covers the width of the bottom of the oven, what is the best way to make a drip guard so the drippings don't get on the element. Here are some pics of the oven.


How did you go about converting it to 110.  Did you simply wire the Red (L2) as the neutral, and Black and white to the others or did you modify other wiring on the switch for the oven, etc...  I have mine wired with L1 and L2 tier together on the wiring block, white to white, black to black.  Surface units work, clock, timer, lights, etc..  But the element in the oven does not heat up.  I am thinking about pulling our the broiler element to see if that helps.


Any tips are greatly appreciated.

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