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Capicola-You guys made me try it

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After seeing the posts on here where rop and PiginIt had made some capicola I had to try it. I mean c'mon, it looked so good and pretty simple so how could I not give it a shot?

First thing I had to do was get my hands on some Morton Tender Quick. Not a hard thing to do, or so you would think. I checked everywhere, called all over, even asked the closest butcher to us but noone carried it. I ended up having to order it from the Morton website.
The day before tracking said it was due to arrive I picked up a couple of boneless shoulders

Once the TQ arrived I mixed up a double batch of brine (2C TQ to 8C water) and placed the pork into it's salty nitrate filled bath for 3 days.
I also attempted to inject them with the brine but my el-cheapo piece of junk injector but the plastic thing broke on me. "No biggie" I thought and so I brined them, but as you will see later this was a mistake and had I known then what I do now I would have gone out and bought another injector. (more on that later)

Days 1, 2 and then 3 in the brine

Out of the brine. I did the fry pan test and I'm glad I did, just a bit salty for me so I soaked it for 2 hours

The larger one I did with some Hungarian paprika, a good dose of crushed red pepper half ground in a coffe grinder and some cayenne, the smaller one was the paprika and a little of the red pepper

On the heat over hickory and once it hit 155 (went a tad over to 160something) I pulled them

Cooled and in the fridge till the next day

Sliced the smaller one first

As you can see it cured but not quite as much as I would have liked
The second one is why I wish I had made it a point to inject

The center was plain pork flavored, not cured and the meat around the center of it even lacked flavor.
I cut out the middle and have been feeding the mule (my dog) with it.
I was worried it may develope something similar to "sour bone" but didn't know if that would apply. No bone but the center sits and doesn't get the bacteria fighting cure. Didn't smell, feel or taste off so I know it was fine, just would have been nice if it were cured fully because the good bits were amazing!
I have to give a special thanks to ronp and PiginIt for giving me the inspiration to make this, it is so amazingly good (if done right).

So, since I had some TQ I decided why not try a few other smoked things.
I was going to try out a veal breast and do it into veal pastrami and see how well that would work but when I opened the veal it had begun to turn.
Hate shopping for meat half the time around here...
So I did a beef salami and a beef pepperoni going by the recipes Morton provides on their website but smoked instead of adding liquid smoke.

Took 1lb of ground beef for each then divided into 2 logs for each pound.
Pepperoni seasoning

salami seasoning

Was out of mustard seed so I had to break out some pickling spice mix and do what I had to do

Smoked them over hickory until 165, let them rest a bit and sliced up

I think those last 2 pics were both of the salami so I took a pic of the pepperoni, cold from the fridge

Salami was good but better the second day. pepperoni was better the first day. Also I would cut down on the anise seed, tastes too much like black licorice which reminds me of bad childhood times drinking more than my fair share of room temperature black sambuca...

Thanks for checking out an extended Qview.
Learn from my mistakes and inject your rmeat.
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Fire it up
Looks great !!! Thanks for the heads up on the injecting. You done good !!!
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Points for expanding your knowledge.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
Still nice man, glad to inspire you, I'm sure it was good, it sure looked good.
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Hey! You did pretty well on the Capicola, especially for a first run. Broken injector, man what a way to botch a plan...crap happens... But, now you know to have a spare on hand, and what can happen if you don't.

My first run of salami wasn't so great, but they get easier. It's like everything else. Practice...practice...practice... Just keep your chin up, and don't give up!

Thanks for sharing! Still looks pretty darn good to me, fiu!

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What you could have done was to remove the roasts from the nets and unrolled them (if cut) or seamed them out or cut them to half the thickness, kind of like butterflying them, then soaked in your brine for a bit longer. Take out of the brine and season, then roll back up and tie with some string. If you look at true capicola, you will see the seasoning coursing through the center of the meat and this is how it's accomplished. Plus the lesser thickness eliminates the necessity of injecting.

What did cure right came out nice tho!

Pops §§
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Everything looks great Fire. well except for the porky center. I had the same thing happen with my first buckboard bacon. Live and learn, thats what makes it interesting. Thanks for sharing the Q-view.
I can't believe you can't buy TQ in NJ. How far are you from Phillie? Irishteabear buys it somewhere near there.
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Hey thanks for the post and great job with the step by step process!

Were those pans of uncooked hot artichoke dip I spied in brine-day-3's pic? icon_mrgreen.gif

Too bad your injector broke but it's a learning point we all have shared in. Now you make me wanna make capacola!
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Even though it didn't turn out exactly as you wanted, I still had to give you points for the tutorial and the fine pics.
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Hey my friend live and learn. Looks pretty good for the first time out and the outer sections should be really gooooooood!
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Looks good FIU! Great job sharing your injecting woes, a good lesson for all.
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Some great advice.Just bought a ham, but that baby gets grilled and honey glazed.

Tanks for sharing experience my man.
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Thanks everyone. Yeah, the parts that came out tasted great.

I'm about 45 minutes from Philly. According to the Morton product locator there is a place in Cherry Hill-37 miles away and Mount Laurel which is 41 miles away. Not extremely far but far enough to want to avoid driving around some of these Jersey drivers. Though Cherry Hill does have an IMAX theater, shame nothing good ever comes out...
Next time I need some I'll probably make the trip up there I just don't go that way for anything and it was just easier to have ordered it the first time.

I completely forgot I never posted those or the ones before that I did.
After seeing your delicious artichoke dip a week or so ago I had to try some smoked. It was great, even my parents loved it and wanted me to make them another batch so when I was doing the cap I made some spinach dips for family.
I'll gather up those pics and get them on here later.
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Looks like it might be time to buy some stock in Mortons. Dang man, you're a smoking fiend lately. Perfect of not, great work. Points! from this guy.
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Man all all that looks good!!!
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Sorry I missed this post. Everything looks really shweeeeeet! I'm putting a cured butt in the smoker tonight and was looking up some ideas for seasoning. Not going to do the capicola seasoning this time. Going for more of a traditional sweeeeeet and peppery I think. Points here.
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Looks great... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Everything looks absolutely fantastic fire. As usual you have me thinking about a bucther shop run. That looks so good. See Ya PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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