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Smoked & Seared Bone-in Chops over Cherry w/Smoke Can Mod

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I did a cold water thaw on this 3lb-10oz pack of vac-sealed chops for a hour or so to add to a cut-up chicken I was doing tonight. These are some nice thick cuts, at about 1-1/8" thickness. I just had to try some smoked/seared bone-in after doing boneless chops a while back. Bone-in always has a much better flavor and texture.

Cajun and Lemon-Pepper are the seasonings of choice:

Just into the Cherry Smoke with the chicken pieces:

I wanted to try a lighter smoke on some chops just out of curiousity and this will work out fine with the chicken needing to be seared just about now, too. After 45 minutes into the smoke, it's time for searing:

Ready for dinner:

That shorter smoke of cherry was just about right for this round...nice and almost tastes sweet, if that's possible.

Thanks for peekin' everyone!

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very nice! Bone-in chops are the best. Great meal you made. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks great. Were the times for chicken and pork similar?
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As with the chicken, excellent smoke!!!
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Nice smoke. Nothing finer than smoked chops.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hi, Willy! Thanks! The chops went in after the chicken had a 45-50 minute about half as long for the chops @ 45 minutes. I have done chops for 90 minutes before, and they were really good, too.

This time they were very juicy...I find chops can be difficult to finish without overcooking and drying them out. Looks can be very decieving. This round went perfectly.

Thanks again!

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Thanks, Rivet! Yeah, I just had to try bone-in. Did a little digging in the freezer and came up with a hit.

Thanks, Laurel! It sure makes mealtimes more interesting when you can do quick smokes like the one's I've been cranking out lately. One of my kid's commented lastnight that we must eat better than anyone else in town! Nothin;' like good Q, even if it's just a short smoke...

Thanks! Yep, they were really good! My wife mentioned that she saw smoked pork chops at a grocery store a few days ago, next to the pork ribs cooler...8 bucks for one chop!!!!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif And, I bet they aren't even a traditionally smoked product.......icon_rolleyes.gif

Thanks again everyone!

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Nice job, Eric. I love smoked chops.
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Very nice looking chops and chicken I must say so myself. 8$ for a smoked chop aren't you glad you just know how to smoke them and you don't have to buy them.
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