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Smoked & Seared Fryer over Cherry w/Smoke Can Mod

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I got off work a little early today, and I had to take advantage of the beautiful smokin' evening weather. This was a 4.62lb whole cut-up fryer that I had thawing in my Q-fridge for 2 days just waiting for the right time................the time has come!

Seasoned with Cajun on the left, Lemon-Pepper on the right:

Smoking @ 110-120* grate temp:

45 minutes in, rotated approx. 180* on the grate, and made room for some other goodies:

Smoked for 90 minutes total, now searing over open coals, rotating pieces on and off the grill:

Had a few wicked flare-ups...lost my wrist and hand hair again eek.gif. And they are ready for dining:

Wow! That Cherry Smoke goes great with yard birds! Even on a 90 minute warm smoke, and's a nice light compliment to the mild flavor of the bird. If anyone hasn't tried cherry yet for poulty, I strongly urge you to find a source for some chunks/chips/logs, and give it a whirl...good stuff!!!!!!!

Thanks for lookin' at my Q, everyone!

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Great looking smoke, Eric! I agree 100% that cherry wood is a really great wood for smoking meats. Not only does it taste good on poultry but try it on some butts too!!
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Good looking chicken! I like cherry smoke. Thanks for the pics.
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nice looking bird-like the color cherry gives-and taste.
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Thanks, Laurel! I've only been doing the cherry thing for a couple weeks, and I'm very pleased with it. On butts, now that sounds like an excellent idea! I need to find a local source for cherry chunks...the tiny chips I have work, you just go through alot of them.

Thanks! Cherry is goooooooooood...

Thanks, Bob! I did notice a slight difference in color from mesquite or hickory...more gold/pink hues, maybe...not sure what it is yet...different though.

Thanks again, everyone!

Good smokes to ya!

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Nice job Smoke. Looks real good...
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