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New York Newbie.

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My name is Todd, and I am addicted to smoked meat.PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif I fish for a living (charter captain and river guide in upstate NY) and enjoy smoked meat and fish. For years I have had an interest in smoking my own game such as Deer, Turkey and fish. I just got an old oven/stove from my brother that I want to build an electric smoker out of it. The oven still works, and I need help figuring out how to turn it into a smoker. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to SMF, Todd. Glad you joined us. Someone will be along soon who will be able to help you.
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Thanx Dawn.
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Welcome Todd.
Glad you found us, just the right people to feed your smoke addiction.

I have an older oven with the broiler on the side and not the bottom.
Have it all taken apart but that's as far as I have gone.
I'll send you a pm and let you know what I am planning on doing with it.
Happy smokes.
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Welcome to the forum. I don't know how you would build your smoker, but someone should be along shortly to help out.
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Hey Todd, welcome to SMF from a fellow NY'er. I'm a little north of Syracuse here.
Somebody has done the oven smoker build I'll see if I can find the thread for ya. I don't think the oven burner will go low enough for smoking most meats. If thats what you're intent was I'd plug it in and see how low of a temp it will run at using a reliable thermometer. 120° would be ideal for sausage making, 200° for a low would be good for most everything else.
Good luck!
Edit: this is all I can find on the subject, the one I was thinking about might have got lost in the big crash we had earlier this year.
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We must be neighbors. I live in Altmar.
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Howdee neighbor! Brewerton here. do you do the Oneida Lake/ canal trip?
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I fish Oneida every now and then, but most of the time I find myself on a boat out in Ontario. My busyness keeps me busy out there.
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Welcome Todd! Outside of Rochester here. Keep us posted on that project. You say your addicted so do you have a smoker you are using now?
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No, I just love to eat anything smoked. I hunt and fish a lot and have a lot of my game smoked. I now want to try and do it myself. I am excited to the hobby of meat smoking.
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Hey Igor! Welcome to the forum from the 'Cuse!!
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TODD...This site rocks...I started here and now COMPETE!! Everything you need is here -- GREAT folks.

I'm 'downstate' -- bouit 20 miles NORTH of NYC....YES, we do have game!!
I hunt deer, turkey and bear out my front door -- 25 minutes from MANHATTAN!!!

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I am really excited to have found this site. Seems like lots of great people. When I start to build this thing I will take some pics so the smokers out there in SMF land can see whats goin' on and lend some advice. I am very new at this...
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