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Double Barrel Stuffing

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I while back my wife purchased a stainless steel double barrel stuffing tube for meat sticks and breakfast links. Last evening we made up 25 lbs. of bulk sausage, 25 pounds of brats an 12 1/2 lbs of breakfast links.

So for the breakfast links we tried out the double stuffing tube, I must say it worked well. We had to crank a little slower than usual due to paying attention to and guiding 2 sets of casings but it was quicker than using a single stuffing tube. Another benefit I noted was cranking the stuffer was much easier due to less pressure.

While the product was not inexpensive, I am happy we have it. it will make stuffing sticks quicker and with much less effort.

Here is a link to where we purchased it -

And here are a few pics of my wife and I giving it a trial run.

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SWEET now thats a sausage machine there nice job. Now you just have to lears how to do it with 2 hands.
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Love the stuffer Mossy. It's nice you can get double stuffing tubes and cut your work time in half.
62 1/2lbs of sausage. Very nice, mind some hungry company?
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That is nice.T-anks for link.That selction of sausage should cover you.
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Geeze .. that's a really cool sausage stuffer ... I expect Piney to have one within ... oh ... a month icon_biggrin.gif
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I'm so jealous of you sausage makers. It looks so cool to be able to do that. Maybe one day I'll start to make those kind of investments. Those look great and your selection sounds great too.
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Are you using sheep casing, and what size?
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Those are 22-24mm sheep casings we ordered from In the past we have pretty much purchased most of our casings locally, but trying to save money and also get the exact sizes we were wanting we placed a large bulk order on casings in the sizes we preferred. Now we should have casings for quite a while !!!
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Thanks for this review Mossy. I've been eyeballing that item as well. How small of a casing can they handle?
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Sausage Maker recommends nothing smaller than a 21mm, we used 22-24mm and it was snug.

If you notice in the background of the pic there is a bottle of vegetable oil; just to let you know it was snug and I do always lube my tube !!!
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Thats awesome thanks for the link and the quick review of it
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