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Kicken Wing Marinade

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I have been in the mood to smoke lately and decided to do up some chicken wings.

I took a few methods and recipes from various forums, and then tweaked them a bit, and they turned out AWESOME!

Here is the marinade that I used. This is good for 5 lb's of wings. I normally do up 10 lbs so just double the recipe.

1 packet Italian Seasoning
1/4c Franks Hot Sauce
1/2c Oil
1/4c Vinegar
a bit of water
Couple Shakes of Garlic Powder

If I ever would do them for just my self I would take and grind up some smoked hot peppers or add a dash of insanity sauce and throw that into the mix.

Let the wings marinade over night in the fridge.

Fired up the smoker and threw them in at 225.

I did a heavy smoke for the first 1 hour, I used about 4 ounces of Apple pellets.

Then let them finish no smoke @ 250.

Pull the wings coated them in hot wing sauce and threw them on a super hot grill to crisp them up.

I have to say this is the best wings I have ever done. I don't have any pics, but I may try to take a couple of the batch in the smoker right now. The problem is the wife and the neighbor usually snatch em up before I can post pics.

I think I might have to try the same marinade on some spatchcocked chickens and see how it turns out.

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Man Damn! Sounds like a great recipe! Louie likes her wing's & a burn of hot! Thanks for the recipe!
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That sounds like very good wing marinade might have to try that one Thanks MM
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I also love wings-those sound really good-thanks
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They do sound good, and now im disappointed to find no pictures. Dont tease us lol
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Well it was a good thing that I did up 15 lbs of wings so I had some to snap pics of.

I am still torn as which wings were better. The frozen 10 lb bag I get at Sam's club or the Fresh 4.5lb packs that have not been separated yet.

The pic's posted are from the fresh wing pack.

Here is from the first 5lb I did up.

On The Grill

All Done
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drool-them look good
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Lookin good! Recipe copied and into the to-do list. Thanks.
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