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Iowa Gathering!!!

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EME the wood spliter
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Sweet. Hope the weather holds. Raining like hell in DSM.

Now you boys put your shirts back on and quit scaring off the townsfolk. Remember the newspaper will be there. Surely with a camera. Make us proud.

Edit: And to clarify, that's "Walking Dude" (I look a lot like Tom Cruise) LOL
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Erains lake trout, AWSOME!!!

Erains butts and my brisket

Erain, here fishy fishy

Steve's moink balls

Erain and his wife Karen, and Tip's wife Darcy in the back

Steves rump, aint ate it yet, sure looks tastey

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Arrgghh I'm so pissed I'm not there. Drink a couple for me. Tell erain that fish looks great!

I'll be at the swimming pool with 12, 10 year old gilrs tomorrow for my daughter's B-Day then all to my house for a sleepover.

You guys suck

How are you pulling an internet connection?
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Looks like a great time
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Man 'oh man do I wish I was there. Next summer my wife and I intend on attending a get together.
The fish, brisket and moink balls look great; but can we refrain from saying Steve's rump sure looks tastey......(next thing ya know the guy will switch from belly to rump shots) Yikes !!!

The Dude Abides
I'm thinking if WD takes his glasses off he is the spittin' image of Cliff Claven..... Hhmmm?
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Looks good hope ya'll have a great time!!
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LOL Mossy.

Buzz in the daylight get us all a wide shot of the whole setup. Have a good night everyone. This dude is off to bed.
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Say hi to eveyone from here. Hi Erain and Karen. Glad you made it safe and sound. Talk to you soon.
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Looks like a really great time for the Iowa folks. Glad to see Eraine made it down with his lovely wife! Good looking smokes so far, Buzz, please keep posting!

By the way... Steve's rump is kinda small PDT_Armataz_01_05.gificon_razz.gif
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That looks like way too much fun! Wish I was there.PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif
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looks to be the start of a nice WE.smokes are looking great u guys,and ya Steve none of those butt shots please!and Erain I be damnd if there ain't u and fish involved bud.hehe-have fun and be safe guys.
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Good looking group! Eraine, how did you miss out on the required belly shot pic? icon_mrgreen.gif
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Jeanie, he got there late an we never got the chance fer a second one!icon_mrgreen.gif
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a. required???

b. out of us minnesotans league!!!

c. i think the first belly shot was enuff torture for everyone!!!

i have pics too, will post when i get a chance.
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That looks like it would have been a lot of fun! I wish I could have come up . . . for even a day! Thanks for posting and the report!

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want to take the opportunity to say thks esp to dude,buzz, and tip for the invite. i think its mosly been said already by others so just gonna post some pics and looking forward til next year!!! i liked the way it wasnt just about us, it also (and succesfully) tried to include the community and its guests. also thks to the rockford fire dept for free ice.

eric and his UDS

tip with his trident UDS and buzz with his horizon

dude and I, pointing out the lil spot i missed shaving that dude spotted

the smokers a smokin, erics UDS, my GOSM, and buzz and his Horizon, buzz had his brisket going and i had a couple lake trout going on mine and was kind enough to let me throw the two butts i brought with on his offset.

the lakers finished up, couldnt get camera quick enuff

butts after a few hours, and the brisket

the abt station

finished abt's

some fatties on the GOSM

meatballs by eric, dude also did moink balls which were awesome, and ray brought some brussel sprouts and did the bacon wrap on them, both unbelievable!!!

dudes roast beef, had to go for second sammie on this!

well rowdy ray finally made it!!!!

the travcomobile!!!

from the outside shot would you expect this??? awesome and yes that is a real tile floor

complete with the mercedes grill

this gotta be my favorite picture, it about says it all!!!

sat nites spread!!!
some scalloped taters from scratch

some souped up corn by ray

tip's chicken and ribs and smoke holler beans

some pulled pork, one brined and the other not

buzz's brisket, some taters and eric's brisket and ray's corn

the non smoked section

it was a great wknd, there was always something coming off a smoker to sample. WD, Buzz, and I did an all nighter doing a brisket and two butts.

after the feast and declaring it a success

group picture, well almost... where did eric go???

weather was a little rainy fri and sunday but gave us a friday evening and all day saterday of perfect weather
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Looks like you guys had a great time.....thanks for the pics!!
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Great picts erain. Thanks for sharing. Can't believe you guys fed the whole town...oh wait...yes I can. Great job guys.
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