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Looks like a fine job to me and most worthy of POINTS!

Good job outta you.
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Nice, oneshot! If only I could convince the wife and kids that the proper way to eat beef (other than pulled) is med/rare!

Good smoke!

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Nice job on the top round! I would have pulled it at 130° myself, but I like my beef to sing for me too, lol! (stick a fork in it and hear it moo..!).

Pops §§
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Thanks everyone for the thumbs up.
The taste was no less then great!!!
However I agree with those that said to pull it at 130, it was smoked a little more then I would have liked it (it was just under med. rare). And I like my meat to scream when I bite into it.

Now I need more input. Because I was so hungry I cut off 3 big pieces about 1/2 inch thick each and ate them right up. I noticed they were a bit chewy/tough and I don't think it was the cut of meat. Maybe they'll be better sliced thin??? Your thoughts please.icon_biggrin.gif
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That's just the fact it's top round, can be a little chewy when cut thick. Best is to cut off a 1 to 1½" thick slice, then slice that across the grain into thin strips London Broil style, it will act like a nice sirloin!
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Thanks Pops, I already got it sliced.....Late again, but I'm takin notes.....icon_biggrin.gif

Here is a pic of the finished product, The Slices....They are delicious, and have great flavor!!!!

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Looks great! Nice job on that roast beast!
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Thanks Billbo. It came out way better then I thought it would. And it was tender.icon_biggrin.gif
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Man you're all set up for some awesome roast beef sammies! Good job outta you.
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Thanks Dude, It turned out great and my friends down at the restaraunt loved it. I've had 3 sammiches now and I can't move!!!!!!icon_biggrin.gif
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