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New member of the family

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Well my fellow burners....she has arrived, my new thing though, my thin and blue went to thick and browneek.gif any tips. i am new with the gassers
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Don't know anything about 'em. But congrats on your new smoker.
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Thanks anyway dudeicon_mrgreen.gif
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first off I do have a gosm gasser. Your problem confuses me. do you have all the parts a chip tray, water pan? First throw the chip tray away and get a heavy metal (looks like a cake pan) pan for chips. What did you try to do and what kind of wood did you use to smoke with. are you using chips or chunks. If you would answer some of these we can more help you and get you on the write track to thin and blue.
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first off i used wild apple chunks, used the water pan, and i was seasoning calling her "eleanor"icon_mrgreen.gif
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Congrats on the new smoker dirtman. Kind of like that feeling when you are a little kid at Christmas, nothing but pure joy...
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you aint kiddin fire, more like a little kid for fathers day....just a little earlywink.gif
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After doing some extencive research on this most informative site, i have come to answering my own questions. 1st remove the lid of the cast iron box and use as such. 2nd leave the top vent wide open, the 2 side vents closed as far as allowed by the tab's. and i shall achieve the thin blue i am looking for out of my new gasserPDT_Armataz_01_39.gif
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Congrats on the new smoker, is it a "new" model, what I mean is, is the wood box heavy cast iron with slanting sides, are there slots in the cover?

If so I think you will find it best to leave the cover on, fill it with chunks the size of your fist and include a few chunks of lump, that is what I do and can go ten hours TBS on one box. I have found split chunks work better than round branches and I place the split side next to the floor and walls of the box. I close the top vent to about 3/4" to keep the heat in, I found that as the air was rushing through the wood burned too quickly and caused flare ups, I figured since there is not alot of heat rolling out of my oven, why not try the same thing with the GOSM? ...Works for me.

Have fun,

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Lots of good advice so far...Looks like you're on the right track.

I found that every smoker has it's own personality, & the methods here will need to be tweaked according to the needs of your smoker.

Best thing I've found, is to use a 9x9 cake pan. Put some chips in there with a couple of chunks. Start er up on high for about 3 minutes, keeping both the top vent and side vents open. After you achieve smoke, you can shut down the side vents or tweak from there.

I have a 16" GOSM & I just add chunks & go and we get TBS. I bought a 20" that I couldn't get to smoke & it didn't have side vents. I drilled some side vents (1 1/4" hole) into the GOSM about chip pan high. I have to leave the sides open the whole smoke for it to smoke appropriately at temps below 260*.

Finally - watch how much wood you put in...too much wood = clouds.
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Thanks men, will heed the advice. i will be doing my little cousins grad party on the 27th and will be postin picsPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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