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Hiya From WIsconsin

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Hello from the Frozen Tundra of Wisconsin... Im very new to the smoking and looking forward to meeting some nice ppl and maybe get some good recipes and try some new food..
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Hi StaceyJo, welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us.
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Well, short and to the point I suppose.
Welcome StaceyJo.
Would be interested in knowing a bit more. Do you own a smoker, and if so what kind?
Have you smoked anything before? Have a favorite type of BBQ, what brought you to the site?
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Well dont be shy for crying out loud!! LOL Just jump right in and start the learning process. I see your a welder. This site wil have you building your own smoker in no time. Glad to have you.

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Welcome to the forum. Don't be shy. Get on in here and start posting.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Welcome to the SMF, don't be shy around here, plenty of friendly folks willing to help you.
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Welcome from the Hawkeye state! Glad to have you on board.
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Welcome to SMF. Ask plenty of questions Lots of help here.
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ok well my husband does the smoking and i just assist him in doing so... i prep the food and him and i do the making of it but he smokes it.... we have 2 smokers, and if you look under Iron you will see some of the things we have done. the one smoker is a Char Grill, and the other one is.... ummm... its black and square.... lol i have been in the chat and have meet some very helpful ppl so far... i dont do much of the surfing of the site my husband does that and if there is something he is intrested in and thinks i would like it then he calls me over to his computer and i take a look at it..

So far we have done a few fatties, 2 butts, some ribs, chicken, corn, burgers.. and looking forward to making more and doing different things with this new way of cooking..

TY for all your welcomes... and i hope to learn from the pros here
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Welcome Stacey Jo! You and Iron are great new members!
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