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Pork sirloin roast

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how would a sirloin rost be to pull? i was given one today from a neighbor and i was off of work today and tomorrow, so i might throw it on the smoker in the morning. let me know what would be the best to do with it! thanks guys.
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Don't imagine it would pull all that well.
I would brine or marinate it and smoke to 135-140 myself.
If going longer to say 165 you may want to consider wrapping in bacon to be sure it doesn't dry out too much on you.
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FiU's got the deal on that cut. From my perspective I'd choose a nice marinade that's bold enough to come through the smoke. If you don't want to wrap it in bacon (don't see wha-not icon_mrgreen.gif) you can always brush with olive oil & garlic juice mix.

Keep us posted on what you do!
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thinkin i am going to brush it with oo and garlic, that sounds pretty good. so i just bring the internal up to about 165 or so (smoker set on 225?) and let it rest then slice? i have never done one of these before so i'm guna need some help! haha.
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any more suggestions? i might throw it in tonight and have it for dinner tomorrow!
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If you are going to cook to 165 make sure you keep a close eye on it, much higher and it could be pretty dry.
225 is a good temp to smoke with, apple wood is great if you have it.
Let it rest under foil for about 20 minutes after you pull it off and then you are ready to go. Slice and enjoy. If not eating till tomorrow I would really try to wait until then to smoke it. Just much better fresh and hot off the smoke.
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Last month I threw a small sirloin roast in with the shoulder just for the hell of it, and it did not turn out well. It wont pull regardless because if you smoke it long enough to get to the "pulling heat," you'll just have a big pork hockey puck because it's so lean.

Even if you bring it to 165 your pushing your luck, thats pretty warm for any lean meat. My advice is to make a small smoker packet for your grill, get it smoking and sear the roast, then drop the heat, move the roast to the top rack and let it smoke until it gets to 150 or 155.
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