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Anybody ever smoke any of these??

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On my way back from Montana I always pass Rock Creek, the home of the Rocky Mountain Testical Festival. Everyone wears chaps, its a blast!! Smoke em you got em???? LOL

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For a minuet I thought how exciting it would be to try and smoke something new... Little did I realize how "special" that smoke would be!

Nice post!
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We were just planning a trip to montana and then I had to look but darn it we will be there a week after bummer dear we're going miss the big testyfesty. Oh well maybe next year NOT
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Boy!!! if thats not a loaded billboardeek.gif......add-lib anyone?????
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It hurts just thinking about that smoke. eek.gifeek.gifLOL
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For those of you that are unfamilier with them, they are also called Rocky Mountain Oysters. Sadly Ive tried them. LOL They reminded me of chicken gizzards. Oh ya, and for all the non beef eaters out there they also offer Turkey Oysters. Not quite glamorous enough to get there own festval I guess.

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Never had beef nuts but I have had pork and turkey and they are both good if cooked right. And BAD....... if cooked wrong...icon_cry.gif Very bad
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Don't knock em (OUCH) till you try them
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I never thought that munchin on nut sounded good but believe it or not a fried nut on a saltine aint half bad. Never had a beef nut though
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Just the thought of biting one makes me cross my legs!
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I thought about going ....till I seen the snow in the pic. I'll pass!
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If I could get ahold of some id do a big qview for you all!
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Let's not forget the poor feller that died while eating them darned things. Of course nobody told him to eat the ones that had already been removed!! Seem that the feller got himself trampled! eek.gificon_rolleyes.gif
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Thats too funny.
Didn't Cowgirl have a Qview of a cast iron skillet full of balls and boiling oil? Looked good, but glad I'm in Maryland. Not sure if I'd try'em
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I would love to see that!! Cowgirl??

And your adress is? LOL

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Another term for them is "swingin' sirloin" and I think it's fitting.....
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We use a technique that doesn't remove the testicle when we alter our bull calves. Emasculation vs. castration. Occasionally, we have to castrate in order to properly get the job done right. This is done during branding. So yeah, the testicles get "smoked" on a hot branding iron heater, and there's always someone around willing to eat em. I'm not one of them. I'm usually the one that removed em, and I just can't bring myself to eat em. I have tried them on other occasions and can't say I care for them. I guess it's more of the novelty of it all.

p.s. Just drove past Rock Creek myself last weekend on the way home from Seattle.
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