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fatty overnight question

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maybe this is a dumb question but are there any problems with making some fatties a few days before the smoke and storing them in the fridge (wrapped in saran)?

I don't see why this would be a problem, but maybe I'm missing something?
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I usually make mine the night before... Just keep it refridgerated... It will be delilcious!
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Ditto. what he said.^^^^ just keep it in the fridge.
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Ditto Ditto what they said. I always make them atleast the day before it makes it easier to handle when loading it in the smoker.
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You can freeze them too if you need to go longer than a day or two.
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The only, only time that I would say you won't want them done the day before is if you are adding a particular ingredient you wouldn't want to sit overnight such as bread or a biscuit inside. I would say just about any ingredients would be perfectly fine to do ahead of time, you just wouldn't want a layer of innerds that seems like it used to be a biscuit but instead it absorbed too much moisture and turned to goo.
What kinds are you thinking about making by the way?
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I regularly chill them overnight, slice them 1/2 inch thick and fry the patties for breakfast like you would a burger pattie. I have frozen and re- heated them with good success also.
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thanks for the help. I'm making something easy for my first one. Bell peppers, cheese, mushrooms.

From reading on here somewhere it looks like it should take around 2.5 hours to reach temp? Sound right?

(I'm doing this with the 3 racks of ribs, and the chickens)
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2.5 does sound right from all the fatties I have done. Though make sure you are going by temp and not time. 165 in the middle. But 2.5-3 has almost always been my cook times.
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yep ~ sounds about the same in my experience ~
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